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The Pulley Clothesline Kit is perfect for providing 25-50 feet of drying space and the pulleys are equipped with silent action ball bearings that are permanently lubricated. The kit includes one 6 in. pulley, one 5 in. pulley, 100 feet of clothesline wire and our clothesline joiner tighteners. ~~~ MADE IN CANADA ~~~ ... Portable Folding Clotheslines

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The Portable Folding Clotheslines are non-fixed clotheslines ideal for compact living or renters and can also be handy as an extra line for anywhere around the home. It can be hooked over the railing or wall of a balcony and offers 45.9 feet of drying space. Both the small and the Large options will accommodate sheets and can be shortened to fit limited spaces. It's very sturdy and stable and will not tip over or move with the slightest breeze. This portable clothesline is made from...

Folding Clothesline CLEARANCE

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We are clearing out our warehouse and are selling this folding clothesline for only $100 including FREE Shipping. It's brand new in box and has never been used. ALL SALES FINAL! Unlike our other clotheslines, this one is made in China which is why it is so cheap. Capacity: 91.8 ft. of drying space Dimensions: 7.38 ft Width 4.26 Depth ...

Clothesline Bottom Line

Did you know that clotheslines originated in Australia? Thanks to the folks from Down Under, we have an easy, eco-friendly way to save time and money. knows that budgets are tighter than ever, so every purchase counts. Our high quality products help families, individuals, and small businesses save time and money all with a zero carbon footprint on our precious ecosystem.

Hang drying clothes on a clothesline eliminates noisy machines, shrinking of clothes, and gives your clothes the most refreshing and gentle care. It's truly eco-friendly efficiency at it's best!

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