Clothesline Spreader Docking Bracket

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    • Holds multiple clothesline spreaders in place
    • Makes it easy to hang laundry without having to hold spreaders
    • Included with our Medium & Large Pulley Clothesline Kits

    The Clothesline Spreader Docking Bracket works with our clothesline pulleys to hold the clothesline spreaders in place when loading the laundry allowing you to easily release them as needed. We include a docking bracket with our Medium & Large Pulley Clothesline Kits as they include more than one clothesline spreader. Without a docking bracket, you would need to hold the spreaders with one hand, until each one is ready to release, while moving the line with the other.

    ~~~ AMERICAN MADE ~~~

    Material: Powder coated steel

    Length: 9-1/2 in.

    Width: 1-1/2 in.

    Height: 1/2 in. at thickest part

    Origin: USA