They go by many names such as coupons and coupon codes, promos or promotions, and discounts, but they all have the same goal in mind. We offer several ways to save money buying our sustainable laundry solutions even before you put them to good use. We deeply admire your frugal spirit and very much share the same values. Some discounts are automatically applied on the shopping basket while others need a coupon code to be entered on the checkout page.

We are pleased to share the following coupons with you and hope you'll consider using them in your pursuit for sustainability:

FREE SHIPPING | All orders with a value of $100+ and shipping within the contiguous USA qualify. This discount is automatically applied on the shopping basket.

FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE | Many items have free shipping worldwide which can be seen here.

SAVE 5% OFF ANY CLOTHESLINE, CLOTHESPINS, & CLOTHESPIN BAG COMBO | Simply add one of each item to your shopping basket for this discount to be automatically applied.

SAVE 10% OFF 3 OR MORE OF THE SAME ITEM | Simply add a quantity of 3+ of the same item to your shopping basket for this discount to be automatically applied with the exception of our
Clothesline Parts and Clothesline Rope.

SAVE 15% OFF ALL ITEMS | Customers with a Soapnuts Subscription receive this discount to use towards all of our products, all of the time. Click here to learn more and subscribe!

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