Custom Decorative Clothesline Poles

  • Provides 150+/- feet of linear drying space
  • Highest quality clothesline poles made from plate steel
  • Designed for easy set up with detailed instructions

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Usually ships In 2 Weeks

The Custom Decorative Clothesline Poles are made to order using the highest quality materials met with the finest craftsmanship and designed to stand the test of time. Designed to be permanently cemented in the group. The clothesline poles are made using 1/8" plate steel and the clothesline wire goes through a nylon tube in the poles that has a crimped fastener on one end and a cable clamp on the other end as it's pulled tight. This offers the greatest line tension control and tautness.

Completely Custom

The custom clothesline poles are made specially for you and your family. Choose from almost any color and pick the size that fit's your family best. Once you have the color, please email us so we can match it. The color is powder coated on the poles which protects and preserves them to withstand all types of weathering.

Next, determine the size of poles you would like for the absolute best line drying experience. The product photo shows the poles 6 ft. high x 4.5 ft. wide, but your family's needs may differ.

The lines can also be customized to your drying space needs. The picture shows four lines providing 120 feet of drying space with a 30 feet distance between poles, but placing another line in the top center of the pole's tree will provide 150 feet drying space. Another option is more lines and less of a distance between poles.

Made to Last

These clothesline poles were designed with love and passion to provide your family with a decorative and highly functional work of art where memories and laughter flow. Built from the ground up just for you & your family, they provide a foundation that adds immense value to your family's life while living in harmony with mother natures abundance.

Please allow 2 weeks for your poles to be shipped while they are made to order. We work with you every step of the way to ensure the absolute best results.


Capacity: 150+/- ft. of drying space

Lines: 5 (Customizable)

Width: 4.5 ft. (Customizable)

Height: 6 ft. (Customizable)

Origin: USA

This product is fully guaranteed and covered by a 1-Year Manufacturers Warranty American Handmade Wooden Clothespins

Price: $50.00 Heavy Duty T-Post Clothesline Poles

Price: $499.99

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