Deluxe Pulley Clothesline Elevator

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    • Raises clothesline over 4 feet
    • Great for long garments & bedsheets
    • Designed for our pulley clotheslines

    The Deluxe Pulley Clothesline Elevator is made with 48 inch galvanized steel tubing. The pulley clothesline elevator works best with our Small and Medium pulley clothesline kits which provide from 25 feet up to 100 feet of drying space. You can use any size clothesline pulleys with our clothesline elevator, but you'll want to choose pulleys that meet your drying space needs so for longer lines, it's best to use the larger 12 inch and/or 16 inch clothesline pulleys. Please note that if you would like a longer drying space with the clothesline elevator, the longer the line, the less the clothesline elevator will raise your clothesline. The Clothesline Elevator is only compatible with our clothesline pulleys.

    • Allows you to lower your clothesline, load it, then raise it vertically over 4 feet
    • Locks in any position
    • Great for long garments and bed sheets
    • A wonderful way to raise your laundry to higher winds
    • Equipped with ball bearings for increased ease of turning
    • This creates more space in people's back yards as you can raise and lower your line to keep it out of the way of other obstacles as your clothes are drying, then lower the line when the clothes are dry.
    • The clothesline elevator is mounted on a wall or post with the bottom of it at a height around face level of the person who will be hanging out the clothes while the other end is mounted two feet higher than the top of the elevator.
    • Clothesline wire, clothesline pulleys, and mounting hardware are not included. Please see instructions tab.

    If your looking for an all-in-one solution, we offer the clothesline elevator in our complete pulley clothesline elevator kits found here: Pulley Clothesline Kits

    ~~~ AMERICAN MADE ~~~

    Material: Galvanized steel tubing | Powder coated steel housing

    Size: 48 in.

    Origin: USA

    This product is fully guaranteed and covered by a 1-Year Manufacturers Warranty

    Be sure to check out our Clothesline Guide for more information on clotheslines!

    1. Choose two adjacent points that will provide enough space to hang your clothes. Try to pick a spot that is relatively flat and open.

    2. Tools Needed – A hammer, Pencil, Drill, Socket, Wire cutters, Punch.


    Equipment Needed for Mounting into Wood |

    Equipment Needed for Mounting into Brick or Concrete

    1 only ¼” Bit

    1 only ½ ” Carbide Bit

    4 only 5/16” x 2” lag bolts

    4 only ¼” x 1 ½ ” lag shields (aka: lead shields)

    4 only washers

    4 only ¼” x 2” lag bolts

    4 only washers

    4. Depending on how you would like the elevator to operate, choose either a comfortable position to hang your clothes or the highest point you can reach. (Elevator should be mounted according to the reach of the user). The top of the elevator has the wheel inside the bracket. Hold elevator against the wall or post and mark the bottom mounting points with a pencil only. The elevator should be square, flat, level and center to opposite mounting point.

    5. Now that you have marked the bottom part of the elevator, using a punch or nail make a hole at the pencil marks then drill the ¼” inch holes.

    6. Return the elevator to mounting holes.

    7. Line up holes and use the two 5/16” x 2” lag bolts with washers.

    8. Keeping your hand on the elevator at all times tighten lag bolts until snug.

    9. Hold the elevator against the mounting post and using a ladder proceed carefully to the top of the elevator. Mark and drill the two mounting holes with ¼ inch drill bit. Secure the top of the elevator with the two remaining lag bolts and washers.

    10. When mounting the opposing pulley make sure it is approximately two feet higher than the top of the elevator. This will reduce the amount of sag.

    11. Screw in holding hook until secure. You can use just the hook with your Clothesline Pulley or attach it to a Clothesline Turnbuckle which will allow you to tighten the line when it starts to sag. (Sag will occur naturally as the line stretches with the extra weight of the clothes).

    12. Attach a piece of single strand wire through the lower eye hole to the post below the pulley. This will prevent the pulley from twisting.

    13. After installing the clothesline wire, tighten the line with pulley on the elevator in the top position (highest). This will insure the line is tight when the clothes are loaded and pulled to the top position.

    14. Connect the clothesline wire with a Yellow Joiner, Mini Winch, or Joiner Tightener.

    15. Before lowering the elevator pulley, partially unscrew the set screw on the adjustable bottom bracket so that the pipe bracket will slide out of the wall bracket.

    16. Lower pulley to bottom of the elevator, adjust pipe bracket and retighten the set screw. This allows the clothesline elevator pulley to move up and down keeping the tension on the clothesline in both positions.

    17. The Clothesline Spreader will hold the 2 lines together allowing the upper line to help support the weight on the lower line. The Clothesline Spreader is placed on the clothesline after ½ the wash is hung. (More than one divider may be necessary depending on the length of the line or the weight of the clothes).

    18. Insert clothes pin into locking hole to stop the line from moving once clothes are hanging.

    Post Installation

    To secure to a post will require 4 lag bolts which should measure a minimum of 2” in length and a ¼” diameter. Some people have used u-bolts to a steel post, but the steel post needs to be the same diameter as the distance between the holes of the top and bottom brackets which are both the same. The distance between both the top and bottom brackets is 2-1/2" from center to center to the holes on the opposite end so the maximum pole diameter must be 2".