Lifter Laundry Hamper

  • Lifter Laundry Hamper - LH1005
  • Lifter Laundry Hamper - LH1005
  • Lifter Laundry Hamper - LH1005
  • Lifter Laundry Hamper - LH1005
  • Lifter Laundry Hamper - LH1005
  • Lifter Laundry Hamper - LH1005
  • Holds 2-3 loads of laundry
  • Bungee spring-loaded bag lowers & rises with weight of laundry
  • Space saving - folds for easy storage when not in use to only 3"



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The Lifter Laundry Hamper is not your ordinary laundry hamper. This innovative laundry hamper features a bungee spring-loaded design that drops down as you add weight and rises as you remove it. This means that every piece of clothing is always within easy reach! no uncomfortable bending! no twisting! the hamper is built on a sturdy metal frame with protective plastic joints and a stability strap, an extra perk just for good measure.

The soft bag hamper anchors to the frame with elastic straps and fixed tabs for even more spring action. The Lifter hamper goes a step further! It's easy to maneuver with 4 built-in smooth multi-directional rolling casters so the hamper glides easily across the floor. It rolls flat with no tilting.

This puts the top of the hamper's frame 33 inches off the ground, making it easy and comfortable to push or pull. A soft fabric lid drapes over the top of the hamper to keep your laundry covered while you move from room to room. The Lifter hamper folds up for easy storage, too, so you can store it in a closet, under the bed, or between the washer and dryer. It's just 3 inches wide folded up. No more bending over to pick up your clothes.

Capacity: 2-3 loads

Width: 18.25 in. (side to side)

Height: 33 in. (top to bottom)

Depth: 20.5 in. (front to back)

Bag Width: 15.25 in. (at top)

Bag Height: 7 - 22.5 in (bungee spring-loaded)

Bag Depth: 17.5 in.

Brand: Household Essentials

Origin: China

This product is fully guaranteed and covered by a 1-Year Manufacturers Warranty

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