Portable Clothes Wringer Washer

  • Portable Clothes Wringer Washer - 1002
  • Portable Clothes Wringer Washer - 1002
  • Portable Clothes Wringer Washer - 1002
  • Portable Clothes Wringer Washer - 1002
  • Portable Clothes Wringer Washer - 1002
  • Portable Clothes Wringer Washer - 1002
  • Portable Clothes Wringer Washer - 1002


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The Portable Clothes Wringer Washer is an innovative solution for washing clothes on the go. In 20 minutes (including the soaking time, recommended by detergent manufacturers) your clothes are clean and ready to hang dry.

Made from a strong, resilient PVC outer material weighing 300 grams (11 ounces) and featuring a soft yet durable inner mesh bag, Laundreez is ideal for washing everything from your more delicate items right through to ground in dirt or mud on clothes from a day out hiking or cycling. Unlike a dry bag, the patented screw cap makes it easy to refill and rinse your clothes without unrolling and rerolling the bag. Wash clothes in the mesh bag for easy removal. 'Spin' the clothes in the mesh bag to remove excess water and carry to drying line without dropping clean clothes.

When unused, Laundreez folds up into a small and compact package ideal for your suitcase or backpack. Alternatively, Laundreez is perfect for holding your toiletries and wash items to prevent spillages during travels. To use the bag simply open, add clothes, washing detergent and water. Shake, agitate or leave to soak and then remove water, via the Laundreez screw cap. Refill with fresh water to rinse clothes clean. Ideal for use on holiday or at home for hand-washing or pre-soaking items. You can also use Laundreez for the following:

  • Dry bag when around water
  • Cool bag when filled with ice and drinks
  • Compression bag to make extra space in your luggage
  • Toiletries bag to prevent spills whilst travelling
  • Water carrier at a camp site



  • Pre-treat any tough stains using the mesh bag as a scrubber.
  • Add detergent and 2 -- 4 litres of water to the Laundreez. Then add items to be washed.
  • Fold down top of bag 4 times and clip toward the front of the Laundreez.
  • Holding the Laundreez at a 45-degree angle, shake Laundreez back and forth 1 minute dissolving detergent and saturating clothes.
  • Leave to soak 15 minutes or as recommended by detergent.
  • Shake Laundreez 1 minute to loosen dirt and grime. Unscrew cap and pour away soapy water.


  • Add 1 to 2 litres of water to the Laundreez and shake to rinse. Unscrew cap and pour away rinse water. Repeat as necessary.
  • Pour away final rinse water OR remove items to be dried and re-use rinse water for an additional load.


  • Unfold the top of the Laundreez and holding the Laundreez (with the clothes inside) turn upside down and squeeze the Laundreez to let excess water drain from the Laundreez.
  • Carry cleaned clothes in the Laundreez to the line to dry or roll in a towel to extract excess water.

Material: Strong & resilient PVC outer | Soft & durable inner mesh

Height: 23.2 in.

Diameter: 7.87 in.

Weight: 300 grams | 11 ounces

Origin: China

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