Pulley Clothesline Kits

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    • Choose from 25 - 150 feet of linear drying space
    • Superior engineering - built to last!
    • Complete clothesline pulley kit ready to install

    Our top of the line Clothesline Pulley Kits are a superior engineered product that will not rust. Our pulley clothesline kits come complete with everything needed to install a heavy duty pulley clothesline along with full installation instructions. Clothesline tighteners are included with each kit to keep the line taut. Best part is, the pulley's are equipped with permanently lubricated silent action ball bearings to allow the pulley to be free spinning which means no hassles in keeping things spinning smoothly.

    Our clothesline pulleys have clothesline wire guides which ensure the clothesline wire does not escape the pulleys. While the small kit holds the clothesline spreader on the clothesline wire, the medium and large kits include a docking bracket that holds multiple clothesline spreaders in place by the pulley so you can release them as needed. The pulleys also have a non-pinch finger guard as a safety feature.

    Guaranteed to be the Absolute Best System or Your Money Back!

    We know first hand that cheaper pulleys are not only cheaper in price, but also much cheaper in quality and lacking most features available on our pulleys. Our pulley clotheslines have a durable design that is built to last. These solid pulley's perform like no other and since they are permanently lubricated, there always ready to get the laundry done. That's right, enjoy smooth sailing from here on out without having to worry about lubricating oil on your laundry. Our pulley clothesline kits are great for all climates and perform well in coastal and salty air areas. The ball bearings are the smoothest and longest spinning.

    The Deluxe Pulley Clothesline Elevator works great for long garments and bedsheets as it offers an easily adjustable height of up to 4 feet. This also gives you the ability to raise the clothesline when not in use.

    Choose from 3 different sizes to meet your drying space needs:

    Small: 25 - 50 feet | Medium: 75 - 100 feet | Large: 100 - 150 feet

    The size you choose doesn't have to fit your drying space exactly as the clothesline wire can be cut to size using a good wire cutter.

    Differences between a pulley clothesline and a retractable clothesline:

    • A pulley clothesline makes it easier to hang washing. There’s no need to walk up and down the clothesline and the laundry basket can be left in one spot.
    • A pulley clothesline will allow clothes to dry more quickly due to the more open area and greater exposure to sun and wind.
    • A pulley clothesline can be longer and stronger. Good for large heavy bed sheets (a retractable clothesline will break under heavy loads).
    • A pulley clothesline can have the opposite pulley setup at a high spot to dry loads out of reach from children and pets. The clothesline is usually mounted at arms length so it's relatively high.
    • Once installed, the pulley clothesline is designed to be up permanently as it takes some time to mount it properly and tighten the line.

    ~~~ AMERICAN MADE ~~~

    Material: Powder coated steel arms | High impact plastic pulleys

    Capacity: 25 - 150 ft. of drying space

    Origin: USA

    This product is fully guaranteed and covered by a 1-Year Manufacturers Warranty

    Be sure to check out our Clothesline Guide for more information on clotheslines!

    Click here for the Deluxe Pulley Clothesline Elevator Instructions!

    1. Choose two parallel points that will provide enough space for your desired drying space. Try to pick a spot that is relatively flat solid surface and open. If attaching to your home, be sure to locate the studs to ensure your clothesline is fully supported.

    2. Tools Needed – A hammer, Pencil, Drill, Wire cutters, Punch.

    3. Depending on how you would like the clothesline, choose either a comfortable position to hang your clothes or the highest point you can reach. When mounting the opposing pulley make sure it is approximately two feet higher than the top of the other pulley. This will reduce the amount of sag. If you are using the clothesline elevator, the opposing pulley will need to be at least as high as the highest setting on the elevator.

    4. Mark with a pencil where you would like the clothesline pulley installed.

    5. Mark using a punch or nail then Drill a ¼” x 2 inch holes.

    6. Start screwing the clothesline hook in by hand, then insert a screwdriver between the hole in the hook as leverage to tighten until fully secure. You can use just the hooks with your pulleys or attach them to a clothesline turnbuckle which will allow you to tighten the line when it starts to sag, as pictured below step #8. (Sag will occur naturally as the line stretches with the extra weight of the clothes.)

    7. Complete steps 4, 5, and 6 with the opposing pulley.

    8. Connect the clothesline wire and tighten the line with the Clothesline Yellow Joiner Tightener or Mini Winch on the lower line as it is easier to join and tighten on the lower line, as pictured below. Before loading laundry, the clothesline tightener should be placed at the pulley where laundry is loaded and should be the first item that goes out followed by your laundry.

    9. The Clothesline Spreader will hold the 2 lines together allowing the upper line to help support the weight on the lower line. The Clothesline Spreader should be released from the pulley where laundry is loaded after approximately half the laundry is hung on the line. (More than one divider may be necessary depending on the length of the line or the weight of the clothes).


    Hanging your clothes neatly will increase the speed of drying and reduce wrinkles.

    Use a damp cloth to clean the clothesline (every time you use it).