Tibbe-Line Clothesline Clothes Drying Hanger

  • Tibbe-Line Clothesline Clothes Drying Hanger - 0001345
  • Tibbe-Line Clothesline Clothes Drying Hanger - 0001345
  • Tibbe-Line Clothesline Clothes Drying Hanger - 0001345
  • Tibbe-Line Clothesline Clothes Drying Hanger - 0001345
  • Holds up to 21 garments
  • Perfect for traveling and camping
  • Many different uses


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The Tibbe-Line Clothesline Clothes Drying Hanger is a portable clothesline accessory. that can be used with your existing clothesline, hangers or make your own custom clothesline with twine or bungee cord. Made to conserve on energy, save space and organize. One Package contains 3 Tibbe-Line's Great for home, travel, camping or use with Camper or RV, fishing hunting and other indoor/outdoor activities. You can dry up to 21 garments in only 1 yard of space.

The Tibbe-Line travel clothesline accessory has multiple uses for other activities: Great for home, travel, camping, auto, work, fishing, hunting, sports etc... The Tibbe-Line can also be used to transport clothing in a vehicle, as a space saver in the closet and for people in wheelchairs giving them access to their own clothes without help from anyone.

Example: Hang multiple uniforms on one hanger while traveling to sports events having the need to save space and keep organized while competing. The Tibbe-Line is great for space saving and hanging multiple fabrics in your closet or storage. Also used for auto, travel, camping, fishing and many other activities needing a space saver or energy saving device.

Great for all your space-saving needs. Easy to air dry lots of fabrics... Tibbe-Line is great for many space saver indoor outdoor applications. Portable Clotheslines Tibbe Line is a new portable clothesline accessory product using natural airflow to dry fabrics conserving energy, saving money not using electricity. Add to your existing clothesline, hanger or make your own custom clothesline. Tibbe-Line, a device used to air dry laundry easier and more pleasing to the eye. The Tibbe-Line is multi-functional in that it can be used on an existing clothesline and can be made into a portable clothesline and can be used at home or taken with you (camping, traveling, etc.) You can hang 21 articles of clothing in the space of 39 inches and hangers are used instead of clothespins.

Many have cut their laundry time by more than half as well as cutting down on electricity consumption and the electric bill, not to mention saving money, energy, space, time and helping the environment.


Capacity: 21 hangers

Length: 39 in.

Brand: Tibbe-Line

Origin: USA

This product is fully guaranteed and covered by a 1-Year Manufacturers Warranty

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