The World's Best Line Tightener

  • The World's Best Line Tightener - 010
  • The World's Best Line Tightener - 010
  • Best tightener for sagging clotheslines
  • Restores original tension in seconds
  • Very handy, easy to use, multi-use tool


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The World's Best Line Tightener holds up to it's name and does the best at what is was designed to do. No clothesline tightening device requires less effort than the Tyte-Guy. When applied to a clothesline, Tyte-Guy will remove almost all of the bowing in the line and restore original tension. Even under substantial wash loads, the Tyte-Guy can readily "lift" the line, bringing it to a surprising and satisfactory tension.

The attached safety "tether" is designed to prevent the tightener from being lost as a result of possible line failure, from breaking, or other reasons. Should the line break to either side of the hook, the tool will still be retained on the line.

Origin: USA

This product is fully guaranteed and covered by a 1-Year Manufacturers Warranty Pulley Clothesline Kits

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