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Generations of families have embraced clotheslines in bringing us closer together with a common thread all the while portraying symbols of self reliance and sustainability. We understand the importance of a families sustainability and value the life lessons from a lifetime of sustainable living. We know that self reliance puts the power in our hands which makes us less dependent upon companies to provide for our energy needs. This gives the whole family immense empowerment.

A sustainable foundation begins with clotheslines. As creatures of the earth, we enjoy staying grounded with clotheslines that embody the spirit of self sufficiency along with a caring touch for mother nature. In this day and age, were highly susceptible to the many paths of self destruction and everyday we're faced with these choices to give in to all the human creature comforts and conveniences without consciously thinking about how these relatively new conveniences will affect us or our offspring in the future.

We are a family business that began in 2012 with a dedication and focus towards bringing you with the most gentle and caring ways to care for your clothes with the highest quality selection of clotheslines, clothes drying racks, clothes airers, and a full range of laundry care products that truly brighten your life by saving you money as well as keeping your clothes looking and feeling their best, naturally. Clotheslines bring out the natural beauties of life and help us live more in sync with how we were designed to live.

Let's face it, cleaning clothes can be a downright dirty business when you consider all the harsh chemicals in most traditional detergents along with the water and energy involved in the process which goes on to pollute our planet causing major health concerns. It's easier than ever to green your laundry and care for your clothes using natural eco-friendly detergents made from the sun and earth.

For most households, the clothes dryer is the most energy consuming appliance especially when you consider that most powered clothes dryers work by sucking the newly conditioned air out of your home while at the same time heating your home during hot summer months. Rationally, if you were looking to save the most amount of money around the house, with minimal effort, a clothesline would be an easy solution that comes with immense benefits.

Line drying your clothes consumes zero natural resources and ultraviolet rays from sunlight destroy viruses and kill bacteria. Clotheslines not only make financial sense, they also offer a greater sense of well being knowing that you are truly making a difference in the world. Clotheslines empower people to be self sufficient while dramatically reducing our carbon footprint. The best way to protect and preserve your right-to-dry is to exercise it!

Celebrate Clotheslines

National Hanging Out Day - April 19th
International Clothesline Week - First Saturday in June for at least one week - Click here for more info!

We look forward to being your eco-friendly alternative.

At one with nature,


Right to Dry

Clotheslines are banned in many HOA's, condo's, and apartments across the nation. The "Right-to-Dry" movement has pushed six states to pass laws voiding clothesline bans and making them unenforceable. These states include Florida, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, and Vermont. In addition, a 1979 Oregon Law states that any restrictions on "solar radiation as a source for heating, cooling or electrical energy" are "void and unenforceable." Clotheslines rely on solar energy as part of Oregon's Solar Rights.

The states in green below have laws that void any prohibition on clotheslines even contracts with HOA's, condo's, or apartment communities while the other states listed below protect our Right-to-Dry, they don't override contracts that prohibit clotheslines.

Right-to-Dry States

Do you have the Right-to-Dry in your state?

Florida Colorado Hawaii Maine Maryland
Vermont Oregon North Carolina
Indiana Texas
New Mexico
Utah Illinois Massachusetts Wisconsin
Nevada Louisiana Virginia
Arizona California

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