Drip dry hangers are essentially clothes drying hangers. The laundry tags on many articles of clothing recommend drip drying to preserve the integrity of the fabric. Clothes drying hangers can help keep your sweaters from losing shape and ensure they drip dry properly at the time they are most vulnerable to being reshaped. Drip dry hangers can go a long way towards keeping your laundry looking and feeling it's best without shrinking or stretching out. If drip drying is recommended on your garments, you'll want to consider giving them the care they truly deserve.

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Clotheslines.com Shoulder Saver Ventilator Drip Dry Hangers

Price: $29.99-$39.99
Availability: In Stock
Clotheslines.com Item #: SS4BLK -

The Shoulder Saver Ventilator Drip Dry Hangers are one of the best sweater drying hangers and storage hangers for all types of garments. Oversized hook will hang on up to 2 in. thick rods. Travel easy with this hangers detachable hook.Save 10% Off Quantities of 3 or More @ CheckoutThe 3 in 1 multi-use capabilities include: Rinsing - 5 inch wide shoulders helps to easily separate garment allowing easy rinsing inside and out. No more getting wet.Drying - Large 5 inch wide by 23 inch long...

Amish Amish Hanging Drip Drying Racks

Price: $79.99
Availability: In Stock
Amish Item #: 123456 -

The Amish Hanging Drip Drying Racks are the only ones of their kind that are made in America. It features your choice of 25 or 49 hanging wooden clothespins and is designed to dry lighter and smaller items like socks, delicates, lingerie, and baby clothes. Unlike cheaper models, this drip drying rack is handcrafted to be durable and long lasting. You can hang it in your laundry room, on the kitchen, or even on the clothesline. With it's space saving design, it's the perfect solution...

Clotheslines.com Clothes Drying Hanger Holders

Price: $9.99
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Clotheslines.com Item #: HGRSTN5PK -

The Clothes Drying Hanger Holders are a cleverly designed plastic strip with eight hanger holders that will hold most types of hangers. It's often used above doorways of bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, and laundry rooms because everyone loves to try to hang their laundry on the doorway, but it's never quite worked too well, until now. If you often find yourself hanging clothes on the door, you will love these hanger holders!When placed, it's small size and transparent color make it very...

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