Organic Sustainable Laundry Soapnuts

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    • 165 wash loads in every pound
    • Doubles as a natural fabric softener
    • Detox your laundry

    Our Organic Sustainable Laundry Soapnuts are the perfect laundry detergent and fabric softener all in a nutshell. They are freshly packed into 1 lb. bags so you can order multiple bags for your family and friends. Soap nuts are 100% Biodegradable and Compostable which means their not only safe for you & your clothes, but they also won't contribute to the pollution of our environment. Detox your laundry! Soapnuts work in most any washing machine including both front-loading and top-loading washers and work perfectly in high efficiency (HE) washers with their low sudsing. They cost less than half as much as toxic petroleum based detergents and last longer with 165 wash loads for every pound.

    Fruit From Trees, NOT Chemicals From a Factory

    That's right, just toss them into your compost when your done using! Soapnuts are Fragrance Free and work wonders for whites, colors, and even delicates. They are the perfect solution for people with allergies or sensitive skin especially for baby clothes and diapers. Soapberries have the highest saponin content out of all plants which makes it the absolute best natural cleanser on the planet. Our soap nuts come deseeded and ready to use. The seed does not contain any saponin, the natural soap ingredient, so it is not needed at all unless you wish to grow your own soap nut trees which take about 9 years to produce any fruit. The seed just makes the nut heavier so whole soap nuts can weigh as much as double as one that has been deseeded. This is why whole soapnuts are more expensive by weight, but your only using half the nut.

    Nontoxic | Antibacterial | Hypoallergenic | Antimicrobial | Biodegradable | Antifungal | Vegan | Cruelty-Free

    Soapnuts have been used for thousands of years as a chemical-free cleaner for practically everything from clothing to kitchens and pets to people. It's truly amazing the power of mother nature to provide everything we need. No other cleaner falls from a tree and is immediately ready to use! Soap nuts work amazingly well to gently clean helping preserve the colors and structure of your laundry with maximum strength cleaning power. Unlike most laundry soaps, soapnuts don't fade your laundry.

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    We process, pack, and ship our laundry soap nuts in our very own laundry apothecary here in Northern California with love and gratitude for life & laundry. We include 2 Organic Muslin Cotton Wash Bags with every order whereas most other sellers of organic soapnuts include cheap wash bags made in China. Thankfully, soapnuts don't dirty your washing machine and leave nasty toxic detergent residue like most traditional detergents instead they keep your washing machine clean so it can do it's job.

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    Once the nuts come in contact with water, the active ingredient, Saponin, is immediately released. Saponin is an all-natural surfactant which lowers the surface tension between your laundry and the wash water then bonding itself to the fibers of your laundry, literally lifting and removing stains, dirt, grease, and grime while simultaneously eliminating any odors and naturally softening your clothes. Please note that soap nuts are not actually 'NUTS" so they are 100% SAFE to use for those with nut allergies!

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    Origin: Grown in India

    Sorted, Inspected, & Packaged in the USA

    The One & Only Ingredient

    • 100% USDA Certified & Ecocert Certified Organic Sun-dried Soap Nuts (Sapindus Mukorossi) shells in their natural form. Deseeded and ready to use.
    • (1) Organic Muslin Cotton Wash Bag

    1) Combine 4-6 whole soapnut shells (including halves & pieces) in the muslin wash bag.

    2) Tie the wash bag.

    3) Place the wash bag in the washing machine with your laundry and wash as usual.

    4) Re-use the same soapnuts again and again, 4-6 times, until spent.

    5) After every load, either continue using or hang the wet wash bag to dry.

    Use with any type of washing machine including top, front loading, and even high efficiency units!


    • Pre-soaking the berries for a few minutes in warm water helps facilitate faster release of saponin (the active ingredient).
    • Soft water may require less soapnuts. Very hard water may require more.
    • There is no need for fabric softener. Soap nuts leave your laundry soft and fresh smelling.
    • Soapnuts will not remove heavy stains. As with any detergent, pre-treat stains with a stain remover as usual.
    • Do not overstuff loads. Soapnuts require adequate water flow and agitation.
    • For super whites, you can try adding washing soda, borax, oxygen bleach, or best of all, let the sun naturally whiten. Any cleaning boosters may be used as desired.
    • Laundry will smell fresh and clean. For a scent, add an essential oil of choice on the wash bag. Best essential oils for laundry include Lavender, Lemon, Grapefruit, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Peppermint, and Citrus Oils. NOTE: Avoid Tea Tree oil exposure with infants and for diaper washing.
    • There will be very little suds since soapnuts are low sudsing and use no commercial foaming agents or chemicals.
    • Soap nuts are commonly used for washing cloth diapers. They will not cause diaper rash. Follow diaper manufacturer's directions carefully.
    • Start fresh! Run a couple warm or hot loads with rags. Soapnuts will start cleaning and removing old detergent residue in washer.