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Our Organic Sustainable Laundry Soap Nuts are freshly packed into 1 lb. bags so you can order multiple bags for your family and friends. Soap nuts are 100% Biodegradable which means their not only safe for you & your clothes, but they also won't contribute to the pollution of our environment.

No Toxic Chemicals | No Labor Factory

Once upon a time in ancient years, people would wash their laundry in streams without anything, but their own two hands. In this light, streams are the beginning of washing and today even though we have mostly drifted away from using streams to do our laundry directly, it's still in the aftermath of what leaves our homes that will eventually end up in a nearby stream. It's this disconnect that leads many people to think things just disappear as we're not actually conscience of doing our laundry in a stream, but this is what provides a greater understanding of the forms of life the stream and it's ecosystem support, including yours.

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We process, pack, and ship our laundry soap nuts in our very own laundry apothecary here in Northern California with love and gratitude for life & laundry. Soap nuts work amazingly well to gently clean clothes with maximum strength cleaning power.

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The One & Only Ingredient

100% USDA Certified & Ecocert Certified Organic Soap Nuts (Sapindus Mukorossi) shells in their natural form. De-seeded and ready to use.

Comprehensive information and instructions are included. (8-page pamphlet)


Machine Wash:
- Put ~1/2 oz. soap nuts (4-6 berries) in wash bag. Simply tie shut and toss in washing machine.
- Remove from washer after rinse.
- Re-use ~5-8 times or until spent.
- Pre-soaking the berries for a few minutes helps facilitate faster release of saponin (the active ingredient).


Soft water may require less soap nuts. Very hard water may require more.
- There is no need for fabric softener. Soap nuts leave your laundry soft and fresh smelling.
- Soap nuts will not remove heavy stains. As with any detergent, pre-treat stains with a stain remover as usual.
- Do not overstuff loads. Soap Nuts require adequate water flow and agitation.
- For super whites, try adding washing soda, softening salts, borax or oxygen bleach. Any cleaning boosters may be used as desired.
- Laundry will smell fresh and clean. For a scent, add an essential oil of choice on the wash bag or put the essential oil on a rag and toss in dryer.
- NOTE: Avoid Tea Tree oil exposure with infants and for diaper washing.
- There will be very little suds for we use no commercial foaming agents or chemicals.
- Soap nuts are commonly used for washing cloth diapers. They will not cause diaper rash. Follow diaper manufacturer's directions carefully.
- Start fresh! Run a couple warm or hot loads with rags. Soap nuts will start cleaning and removing old detergent residue in washer.

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