Wringer washers are portable washers that can be used on the go or even at home. Wringer washers are especially useful to wash and wring out your laundry so it will dry quicker. Hand clothes wringers can really be helpful for washing swimsuits and delicates to preserve fabric quality and make them last as opposed to constantly putting them through the rough washing and drying cycles which can wreak havoc on your laundry. "Manual washing can be just as if not more effective as a washing machine in a shorter amount of time." Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) Water wizard, known for his experiments with water

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Clotheslines.com Mobile Breathing Clothes Wringer Washer

Price: $19.99
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Clotheslines.com Item #: MOBILE -

Amazing Manual Clothes Washer - Get the power of a High Efficiency Washer in your hands. Dual action cleaning with pushing and pulling action of the water through clothes - GETS CLOTHES CLEAN FASTER!!!Lightweight and made from durable plastics with a sturdy wooden handle - it will not rust away . . . ever.Easy to dismantle and reassemble for packing or stowing - portable washing system!Powerful cleaning action - pushes AND pulls water through the clothing - will actually pull out residual...

Laundreez Portable Clothes Wringer Washer

Price: $36.99
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Laundreez Item #: 1002 -

The Portable Clothes Wringer Washer is an innovative solution for washing clothes on the go. In 20 minutes (including the soaking time, recommended by detergent manufacturers) your clothes are clean and ready to hang dry.Made from a strong, resilient PVC outer material weighing 300 grams (11 ounces) and featuring a soft yet durable inner mesh bag, Laundreez is ideal for washing everything from your more delicate items right through to ground in dirt or mud on clothes from a day out hiking or...

Clotheslines.com Hand-Crank Clothes Wringer Washer

Price: $299.99
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Clotheslines.com Item #: 76-3 -

The Hand-Crank Clothes Wringer Washer is the best available. Made with a heavy duty all steel frame with zinc plated finish and tubular steel handle. Virtually Indestructible! This durable wringer removes 90% of the water while spin dry and automatic washers remove only 45%. It attaches to portable or stationary round and square washtubs with each of the clamps opening to 1-3/4" and swivels to fit tub. A single, adjustable screw supplies pressure at the center of a flat, tempered steel spring....

Clotheslines.com Amish Laundry Washing Tubs

Price: $89.99-$329.99
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Clotheslines.com Item #: 45678 -

The Amish Laundry Washing Tubs have the following features:Single or double wash tubs each provide 21-gallons of wash spaceWide-stance legs provide great stability making it much less likely to tip overOur Hand-Crank Clothes Wringer Washer clamps directly to the thick solid side walls, however, we recommend using a block of wood to add stability.The wash tubs are easy to empty with each having flexible drainsExpertly designed by the Amish to be an improvement on traditional galvanized tubsSome...

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