Clothesline covers keep your clotheslines covered and help protect them from harsh weather elements. Clothesline covers also keep your clotheslines nice and clean from dust and debris. It's a small step towards protecting your investment both indoors and outdoors. Clothesline covers provide the ultimate protection from rain with their water-resistant fabric making them a neat and tidy accessory.

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Stewi Rotary Umbrella Clothesline Cover

Price: $49.99
Availability: Out of Stock
Stewi Item #: cover -

The Rotary Umbrella Clothesline Cover covers and protects against rain and dust when the clothesline is in the folded position. It's stylish unobtrusive design make it easy to flip into place on the clothesline. The ultimate protection for keeping your clothesline neat and clean from harsh elements with it's water-resistant woven fabric cover. This clothesline cover can be used outdoors and indoors and works extremely well. This clothesline cover is optional with the Stewi Rotary Umbrella...

Juwel NovaPlus Umbrella Clothesline Cover

Price: $50.00
Availability: In Stock
Juwel Item #: novacover -

The NovaPlus Umbrella Clothesline Cover is specially made to fit the NovaPlus Rotary Outdoor Umbrella Clothesline. Most often sought after as a replacement clothesline cover when the old cover gives way. It provides great help in keeping clotheslines clean.

Clothesline Bottom Line

Did you know that clotheslines originated in Australia? Thanks to the folks from Down Under, we have an easy, eco-friendly way to save time and money. knows that budgets are tighter than ever, so every purchase counts. Our high quality products help families, individuals, and small businesses save time and money all with a zero carbon footprint on our precious ecosystem.

Hang drying clothes on a clothesline eliminates noisy machines, shrinking of clothes, and gives your clothes the most refreshing and gentle care. It's truly eco-friendly efficiency at it's best!

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