Clothesline parts are often an integral part to any clothesline. If at anytime your clothesline needs replacement parts, you'll find the largest selection of clothesline parts here at to keep your clothesline working at it's best. If you have any questions about our clothesline parts or need a part not listed, please contact us.

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Household Essentials Clothesline Props

Price: $15.99
Availability: In Stock
Household Essentials Item #: P-840 -

Clothesline Props provide a quick and easy fix when the weight of a large load of laundry on line the causes the line to sag. They also ensure your laundry stays off the ground. The adjustable height telescoping pole extends from 45-85 inches to suit your drying needs. Easy to use and store away when not needed. Consider multiple clothesline props if you have many lines or if your clothesline's length is 100 feet or more.Made of durable steel with a matte finish. The unit features a heavy-duty... Clothesline Spreader

Price: $12.99
Availability: Out of Stock Item #: 20120 -

The 10" heavy duty Clothesline Spreader is designed for use with any 6 or 8 inch clothesline pulleys. The zinc wheels make for easy breezy retrieval and works very well for large loads of laundry.The clothesline spreader works by holding the 2 lines together allowing the upper line to help support the weight on the lower line. The clothesline spreader is placed on the clothesline after 1⁄2 the wash is hung, as pictured above. At times, more than one clothesline spreader may be necessary...

Household Essentials Aluminum Clothesline Spreader

Price: $6.50
Availability: In Stock ~
Household Essentials Item #: 286 -

The Aluminum Clothesline Spreader is 7 inches in height and is designed for use with our 5 inch Breezecatcher Heavy Duty Clothesline Pulleys which are great for drying smaller loads of laundry. The polypropylene plastic wheels protect and prevent the clothesline from wear all the while keeping it free from twists and tangles. The lightweight aluminum frame won't cause undue sagging, so your line stays taut and untangled.The clothesline spreader works by holding the 2 lines together allowing... Mini Winch Clothesline Tightener

Price: $8.99
Availability: Out of Stock Item #: 00199 -

The Mini Winch Clothesline Tightener is the perfect tool for tightening your clothesline wire. Made from the highest quality galvanized steel. This clothesline tightener works well with all size wash loads as a clothesline wire tensioner.We include this clothesline tightener with our Large Pulley Clothesline Kits. ... Clothesline Joiner Tightener

Price: $3.99
Availability: In Stock Item #: 00069 -

The Clothesline Joiner Tightener is a handy item to use as it works as both a clothesline rope or wire tensioner/tightener as well as a joiner that can easily join a clothesline to an eye hook. The simplicity in design and ease of use in having one tool that accomplishes 2 jobs has made this a very popular option for all your clothesline tightening and joining needs.The 2-Pack covers each end of the rope or wire, but be sure to order more for additional lines. UV protected to withstand all... Clothesline Turnbuckle

Price: $8.99
Availability: In Stock Item #: 30150 -

The Clothesline Turnbuckle works great for tightening sagging lines that have already been joined with a Clothesline Tightener or Clothesline Joiner Tightener. It is designed for use with heavier items on the clothesline which may cause the clothesline to stretch in which case a clothesline turnbuckle could be used to tighten the sagging line.It is not required with our Pulley Clothesline Kits under normal use, but is recommended for drying heavier items such as sleeping bags and comforters. ... Clothesline Hooks

Price: $3.49
Availability: In Stock Item #: 00071 -

Our Clothesline Hooks are made from stainless steel and include one J hook perfect for all 6 in. and 8 in. clothesline pulley's. Our Pulley Clothesline Kits include two clothesline hooks.

Tyte-Guy The World's Best Line Tightener

Price: $14.95
Availability: In Stock
Tyte-Guy Item #: 010 -

The World's Best Line Tightener holds up to it's name and does the best at what is was designed to do. No clothesline tightening device requires less effort than the Tyte-Guy. When applied to a clothesline, Tyte-Guy will remove almost all of the bowing in the line and restore original tension. Even under substantial wash loads, the Tyte-Guy can readily "lift" the line, bringing it to a surprising and satisfactory tension.The attached safety "tether" is designed to prevent the tightener from...

Juwel Universal Clothesline Ground Socket

Price: $35.99
Availability: In Stock
Juwel Item #: 30026 -

This handy Universal Ground Socket will hold most any umbrella clotheslines. The adjustable rings allow the diameter to fit perfectly with 5 different size poles. Choose from 1.25 - 2.2 inches in diameter. Good for just about any rotary umbrella clothesline offering great stability as it goes 16 inches into the ground. The bottom half can even be removed if your in rocky soil conditions so you could just set the top half in concrete.To make things easier, each ground socket includes an a...

Leifheit Centering Clothesline Ground Socket

Price: $39.99
Availability: In Stock ~
Leifheit Item #: 85607 -

The Centering Clothesline Ground Socket makes it easier to install your rotary umbrella clothesline. This plastic ground socket screws into the ground, guiding so that the dryer installs upright and vertical the first time. It helps anchor the dryer without destroying your lawn. No need for concrete or a deep hole. Simply screw in the ground socket with the convenient lightweight screwing bar that attaches to the socket for easier rotation. The Centering Clothesline Ground Socket keeps your...

Stewi Metal Ground Socket

Price: $36.00-$52.00
Availability: In Stock
Stewi Item #: 650 -

These soil or cement Metal Ground Sockets are specifically designed to anchor the following clotheslines:Stewi First LadyStewi First Lady PLUSStewi First Lady DeluxeThese clotheslines include a cement socket for anchoring into the concrete. The soil socket is for those who prefer to anchor their clothesline in the soil and is not included with the clotheslines.The clothesline ground sockets are available for those looking for a replacement in case you have decided to relocate your clothesline....

Household Essentials Plastic Ground Sleeve

Price: $9.99
Availability: In Stock ~
Household Essentials Item #: GS-150 -

The Plastic Ground Sleeve is for use with the following Household Essentials clotheslines:Outdoor Clothes Dryer Umbrella Clothesline (1600)Aluminum Outdoor Umbrella Clothesline (1710)Aluminum Outdoor Parallel Clothesline (3000)Steel Outdoor Clothes Dryer Parallel Clothesline (H-150 & 4000)This replacement part should be installed into the concrete when your set your dryer initially. Using the ground sleeve makes it easier to take down your umbrella and parallel outdoor dryer during winter or...

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