Care Cards

  • Caring for laundry is naturally human
  • Give the gift of sustainable laundry care
  • No Expiration - everyday impact - remembered often

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A gift card good towards all of our wonderful products with no expiration date. Gift cards are emailed instantly to the recipient and are activated immediately after ordering. Once activated, the recipient can choose the products they love and easily apply the gift card by simply selecting the Gift Card payment option at checkout.

If you wish to give a gift card at a future date, simply leave the optional Recipient fields blank and the gift card will be emailed to you so you can print it to give to the recipient directly or forward the email to the recipient whenever you would like especially for a special occasion such as a birthday or holiday.

Be sure to include a nice personal gift message for the occasion which will be included in the Gift Card email. Some ideas include Happy Birthday, Congratulations, or even Hang in there! The recipient can even check their gift card balance anytime online or by phone. To send a gift card to multiple recipients, simply complete each Gift Card separately so after adding the first card to your shopping basket, move to creating the next one.

Laundry has such a big impact in our everyday lives and can play a huge role in our environment and even down to the very clothes we wear. Maybe it's choosing something to wear everyday that makes you feel good or that favorite shirt that is so comfortable. How you care for your clothes can make such a big difference in how you feel in them. A Care Card is a unique and amazing way to share the gift of sustainable laundry with someone you love and care about.

It's incredible to share with others that caring for your laundry as nature intended without causing undue harm to people, animals, and the environment makes you feel better, your clothes will last much longer, and you save money. There's no greater impact you can make in someones life then giving them the gift of sustainability.

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