Clothesline Cord

  • Clothesline Cord - CORD40CREAM
  • Clothesline Cord - CORD40CREAM
  • Works with most all brands of clotheslines
  • Perfect for restringing Umbrella, Folding, & Retractable clotheslines
  • High UV composition to prevent splitting or stretching



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The Clothesline Cord is a replacement line to restring Umbrella Clotheslines, Folding Clotheslines, or Retractable Clotheslines and can be used with all brands of clotheslines. The Clothesline Cord has a flexible outer coating that is manufactured using a high UV composition to inhibit the splitting or stretching when it is properly installed. The cord does not contain Lead.

The Clothesline Cord differs from our Clothesline Wire because it is a flexible plastic cord whereas the Clothesline Wire contains multiple strands of vinyl-coated galvanized steel so it is not very flexible. This flexibility is why Clothesline Cord works best for Umbrella Clotheslines, Folding Clotheslines, and Retractable Clotheslines.


Material: Plastic

Diameter: 3.55 mm. | 0.14. in.

Origin: Australia

This product is fully guaranteed and covered by a 1-Year Manufacturers Warranty Clothesline Wire

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