Rewards Points

In the same way the use of clotheslines provides great lasting rewards, we appreciate the idea of rewarding the whole sustainable laundry solutions experience. The Rewards Points Program ensures you'll be rewarded for things you already do such as sharing and purchasing useful products. The kicker is, the more you use your clothesline, the more rewarding it will be. That's right, the rebate that keeps getting better!

Point Value: 1 Point = 5 Cents

Ways to Earn Points

  • Register with Facebook prior to checkout and instantly receive '100 Points'
  • Buy Products - Rewarded "1 Point" for every dollar spent. That's 5% Cashback good towards any future purchases
  • Share our sustainable laundry solutions using the social share buttons on our website
  • Show us some love on Care Blog
  • Submit a product review

How to Use Points

  • Many points are instantly activated for immediate use. However, points from product purchases become available after your order is shipped.
  • Points can easily be applied to your order by logging into your account and selecting the 'Rewards Points' payment method at checkout. No minimum points needed!
  • Redeem earned points as a partial or full payment method at checkout. Points are also good towards shipping and taxes!
  • Points expire exactly one calendar year after the date of activation

Start Rewarding Today!

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