• Addaline Folding Frame Clothesline - ADDCC
  • Addaline Folding Frame Clothesline - ADDCC
  • Addaline Folding Frame Clothesline - ADDCC
  • Addaline Folding Frame Clothesline - ADDCC

Addaline Folding Frame Clothesline

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    • Provides a whopping 117 feet of linear drying space
    • Dual frames fold neatly against wall
    • Fast & easy to install

    The Addaline Folding Frame Clothesline is both robust and stylish even when neatly folded against the wall when not in use. Unlike the single frame version, the Addaline has the benefit of a smaller, inner frame which may be left up for incidental drying whilst the main, larger frame is folded down. Other features of the Addaline include:

    • Provides a whopping 117 feet of drying space - ideal for 5 or more people
    • Dual frame -The ultimate in folding frame design featuring two individual frames that both fold flush against the wall or posts when not in use. Use small frame for small loads, both frames for large loads Pull out 1 frame for small loads or both for large loads - easy one handed movement. The inner smaller frame and the outer larger frame can be used independently of each other
    • The Width can be customized to suit shorter spaces
    • Stylish detailing throughout with a robust profile - curved arm design
    • Concealed line sleeves Functional (and safe) concealed locking position, glides into place effortlessly
    • Individual line sections for easy replacement and simple line tensioning - No tools required
    • Premium grade polycore line contains 22 polyester filaments braided together and then sheathed in UV stabilized plastic for protection and long life
    • Tube capping for corrosion resistance
    • Fast and easy to assemble and install
    • High quality powder coated galvanized steel construction ensures long lasting use
    • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

    Robust, durable and aesthetically pleasing, the Addaline folding clothesline will not just enhance your garden, but most importantly ensure that your clothes look better, smell better and last longer.

    Optional Ground Mounting Kits for a free standing clothesline with multiple adjustable height settings made of powder coated galvanized steel come in the same color as clothesline, Pebble Beach. Two options available, the Standard for cementing in soil or the Plated Ground Mounting Kit for bolting down to a flat concrete slab area, as pictured. Installation requires two holes, 8-10 inches wide and 16-20 inches deep depending on desired height.

    Austral Folding Clotheslines are widely considered to be the finest collection of folding frame clotheslines in the world.


    Material: Powder coated galvanized steel

    Color: Classic Cream

    Capacity: 117 ft. of drying space

    Lines: 15 total | 7 lines on rear frame | 8 lines on front frame

    Line Spacing: Front frame: 5.1 in. apart for wider spacing | Rear Frame: 2.55 in. apart for narrower spacing

    Line Diameter: 1/8 in.

    Area Required: 8.5 ft. x 5.9 ft.

    Width: 8.1 ft. (customizable)

    Depth: 4.9 ft.

    Weight: 25 lbs.

    Brand: Austral

    Origin: Australia

    • Addaline Folding Frame Clothesline
    • Clothesline Cord (Beige)
    • (4) Fasteners - wall fixings included
    • Instruction Manual

    This product is fully guaranteed and covered by a 10-Year Manufacturers Warranty