Deluxe Clothes Airer Pulleys

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    • Clothes airer pulleys for Cast in Style clothes airers
    • Each clothes airer uses 1 Single & 1 Double pulley
    • An extra double pulley allows you to extend the rope, as pictured

    The Clothes Airer Pulleys are solid cast-iron with cast-iron wheels and specifically designed for strength and durability. Lower quality imitations often snap during installation. These pulleys conform to NICEIC building regulation guidelines and have longer screw rods to clear ceiling insulation commonly found in new homes. Plus they have detachable screw threads that will not break so your airer can be easily relocated into a new position.

    ~~~ MADE IN UK ~~~

    Material: Solid Cast-iron

    Length: 3.5 in. Screw rod | 2.36 in. Thread

    Height: 2.6 in. cast part only including wheel

    Diameter: 45 mm. (of wheel)

    Brand: Cast in Style

    Origin: United Kingdom

    This product is fully guaranteed and covered by a 5-Year Replacement Guarantee