Clothesline Post Ground Socket

  • Designed for use with Austral clotheslines
  • Allows posts to be removed when clothesline is not in use
  • Made from high impact plastic


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The Clothesline Post Ground Socket allows the retractable clothesline posts and umbrella clothesline posts to be secured in the ground and readily removed from the ground. It's strong and durable design is made with high impact plastic. The clothesline post sits 24 inches into the ground socket.

The galvanized pin is used to set the height of the clothesline post during the installation process. The pin is punched through the side of the ground socket at various pre-determined points to set the height. The Austral clothesline ground socket is included with the following clotheslines:

Premium Retractaway Retractable Clotheslines

Premium Rotary Outdoor Umbrella Clotheslines


Material: High impact plastic

Length: 18.1 in.

Width: 3.3 in.

Diameter: 2.2 in. (internal)

Brand: Austral

Origin: Australia

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