Premium Retractaway Retractable Clotheslines

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    • Provides 131 or 164 feet of linear drying space
    • Easily extends and retracts out of sight when not in use
    • State of the art patented line tensioning system

    The Premium Retractaway Retractable Clotheslines can be used indoors or outdoors and are ideal for basement or garage mounting. The premium retractable clotheslines comes in two sizes with the smallest offering 131 feet of drying space with 5 drying lines which is great for medium wash loads. The largest offers 164 feet of drying space making it perfect for large family wash loads. The drying lines easily extend and retract out of sight.

    Clothesline Post Mounting Options

    You can mount one or both ends to existing clothesline posts or you can use your own wooden or steel clothesline posts. If you are mounting the clothesline cabinet to your own clothesline posts, you will need a Retractaway Mounting Bar which is sold separately. We also offer clothesline posts that are specially made for the Retractaway clotheslines and include everything needed to install the clothesline. You can add one or two clothesline posts whether you need them to hold the clothesline with a mounting bar or just secure the opposing end. The clothesline posts are designed to be installed in concrete, but a Clothesline Post Ground Socket is an optional accessory that allows you to remove the clothesline post when the clothesline is retracted and not in use, but is not recommended for a "Post to Post" installation. The clothesline post that holds the clothesline should be cemented into the ground to ensure maximum stability so the "Wall to Post" installation is the best option for using the Clothesline Post Ground Socket. If you're installing the clothesline posts on a concrete slab, the plated clothesline posts, as pictured, will make installation a breeze.

    • Contemporary sleek cabinet shape
    • Pre-coated, rust-resistant steel cabinet
    • Individual spools allow for individual line tensioning and no line tangling
    • Even line tension with two settings for fine tension control
    • Wide line spacing for easy hanging and improved drying
    • Maximum line extension of 32.8 feet with the Large and 26.2 feet with the Small size
    • Minimum line extension of 6.5 feet
    • Ready for "Wall to Wall" installation on brick, mortar or stone is the exclusive distributor of Austral Clotheslines in North America


    Material: Powder coated rust resistant steel cabinet

    Color: Woodland grey powder coated finish

    Lines: 5

    Min. Line Extension: 6.5 ft.

    Line Diameter: 3.5 mm.

    Width: 2.6 ft.

    Depth: 0.41 ft.

    Max Load: 110 lbs. evenly distributed

    Brand: Austral

    Origin: Australia

    Capacity: 131.2 ft. of drying space

    Max Line Extension: 26.2 ft.

    Capacity: 164 ft. of drying space

    Max Line Extension: 32.8 ft.

    WALL to WALL

    • (1) Premium Retractaway Retractable Clothesline

    WALL to POST

    • (1) Premium Retractaway Retractable Clothesline
    • (1) Clothesline Post

    POST to WALL

    • (1) Premium Retractaway Retractable Clothesline
    • (1) Clothesline Post
    • (1) Mounting Bar

    POST to POST

    • (1) Premium Retractaway Retractable Clothesline
    • (2) Clothesline Posts
    • (1) Mounting Bar

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