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As an online business, we thought some of our readers may find it interesting to know all the domain names we use. Aside from and, all of our other domains below redirect to our two main websites. There are many reasons we have so many domains, but most have to do with brand protection. We also have a couple common misspells so when people type in one of the common misspells below, they will be redirected and still reach us. Some of the domains are for categories we specialize in so visitors can navigate directly to the category by typing in the domain name. One domain name is a rare domain hack so the entire domain string including the letters to the right of the dot spell Clotheslines.

Most online companies own multiple domains and many of the largest companies own thousands of domains. One major corporation owns Laundry(.)com and another one owns DirtyLaundry(.)com. Domain investing makes up an entire industry which many people make a living investing in premium domain names and selling them for huge profits, most notably the who long ago coined the following phrase which has been mistakenly given to Bill Gates:

"Domains have and will continue to go up in value faster than any other commodity ever known to man" - Domain King

Total Domains: 28 Domains

Domain Hack

Misspelled Domains Domains Domains

We'd love to hear what domain names you or your company own?