Amish clothes drying racks and laundry products are handcrafted in the USA by Amish craftsmen using the highest quality materials to manufacture products that are made to last.

Amish Amish Laundry Trolley Cart

Price: $189.99
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The Amish Laundry Trolley Cart has the following features: Premium quality, lightweight, laundry trolley High handle design - easy to push holding a full basket of laundryRounded edgesNavigates stairs easily with 12-inch hard rubber rear wheels Saves bending down to your basket Safety catch stops trolley from collapsing Sturdy, large, UV-safe wheels Holds most square and round laundry basketsSome assembly required - 12 bolts to screw in and 4 wheels with axle capsIncludes ALL 4 wheels, two...

Amish Amish Wooden Clothes Drying Racks

Price: $99.99-$249.99
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Item #: 500 -

The Amish Wooden Clothes Drying Racks are beautifully handcrafted and come in three sizes to meet your drying space needs. The Small size provides 20 feet of drying space making it perfect for small spaces such as apartments and RV's. The Medium size provides 30 feet of drying space so it works well for a mid-sized family. The Large size provides 56 feet of drying space making it the best option for holding very large laundry loads with ease including sheets, blankets, and most all of your...

Amish Wall-Mounted Wooden Drying Racks

Price: $169.99
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The Expandable Wall-Mounted Wooden Clothes Drying Rack is distinctive with its rustic beauty and soft maple wood's clean fresh scent. This wall drying rack is as attractive as practical. Made with sustainably harvested soft maple wood. The dowels are firmly secured with inset screws giving you the strongest possible construction. It is especially handy in the mud room or entry way at your camp or home. The pieces are firmly secured with screws, which are inset and covered with matching wooden...

Amish Amish Laundry Washing Tubs

Price: $99.99-$379.99
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The Amish Laundry Washing Tubs have the following features:Single or double wash tubs each provide 21-gallons of wash spaceWide-stance legs provide great stability making it much less likely to tip overOur Hand-Crank Clothes Wringer Washer clamps directly to the thick solid side walls, however, we recommend using a block of wood to add stability.The wash tubs are easy to empty with each having flexible drainsExpertly designed by the Amish to be an improvement on traditional galvanized tubsSome...

Amish Amish Folding Wooden Clothes Drying Rack

Price: $159.99
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The Amish Folding Wooden Clothes Drying Rack is well constructed, designed for excellent airflow to ensure the fastest, most thorough drying. Rack arms are ½" x ¾" x 25½" and folds to 8" diameter x 27" for convenient storage when not in use. Handmade by generational craftsmen using soft maple dowels and end pieces. The wood is sanded for a smooth finish - avoiding snags and allowing delicates to be hung as well. Soft maple wood, cast aluminum metal components with stainless steel screws...

Amish Amish Wall-Mounted Wooden Drying Rack

Price: $59.99
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Item #: A311 -

The Amish Wall-Mounted Wooden Drying Rack provides over 17 feet of drying space and can be installed on any wall or flat surface. Sometimes called the radial airer, this Amish wall drying rack is an original and definitive design. It works great for small and compact areas because it takes up very little wall space and unfolds easily. Arms are supported by a strong rectangular rod-in-groove. Only the high quality materials combined with passionate Amish craftsmanship...

Amish Tabletop Amish Clothes Drying Rack

Price: $99.99
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The Tabletop Amish Clothes Drying Rack is a great solution that is both easy and convenient to use when needed. It is small enough to fit on top of the washing machine while providing 11 feet of drying space. The Tabletop clothes drying rack makes it easier than ever to dry your delicate undergarments and any other smaller laundry articles. Ships fully assembled and ready to use! ~~~ AMERICAN MADE ~~~ ...

Amish Amish Hanging Drip Drying Racks

Price: $49.99
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The Amish Hanging Drip Drying Racks are the only ones of their kind that are made in America. It features your choice of 25 or 49 hanging wooden clothespins and is designed to dry lighter and smaller items like socks, delicates, lingerie, and baby clothes. Unlike cheaper models, this drip drying rack is handcrafted to be durable and long lasting. You can hang it in your laundry room, on the kitchen, or even on the clothesline. With it's space saving design, it's the perfect solution...

Clothesline Bottom Line

Did you know that clotheslines originated in Australia? Thanks to the folks from Down Under, we have an easy, eco-friendly way to save time and money. knows that budgets are tighter than ever, so every purchase counts. Our high quality products help families, individuals, and small businesses save time and money all with a zero carbon footprint on our precious ecosystem.

Hang drying clothes on a clothesline eliminates noisy machines, shrinking of clothes, and gives your clothes the most refreshing and gentle care. It's truly eco-friendly efficiency at it's best!

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