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What better day to take a stand against mindless consumption of products that ruin the planet and poison our families than Black Friday. It's THE shopping day of the year!

For us, a day like Black Friday is a double edged sword. Obviously, we are not opposed to commerce or making money. But Black Friday is not about supporting small businesses, or buying conscious products. It’s become a race to the bottom where the cost of a product is put above all other concerns. Even creeping it's way into Thursday, Thanksgiving day, for many years now interrupting and commercializing the very precious moments we share with our family and friends. It's also important to think about all the people who must work the Holiday with our demanding support that would love to be enjoying the Holiday experience with their folks. It's a rather moral dilemma!

Do you notice any new trends with the American Holiday?

Are Holiday traditions still sacred and dear to your family and preserved through generations?

Sure, you may have your eye on the new Iphone or that new flat screen TV, but what difference will these make in your or your loved ones life? In the rush to buy gizmos and gadgets this Holiday season, consider that most the stuff that "tickles our fancy" didn't even exist just over a decade ago.

What about giving a gift that truly keeps on giving?

What about giving a gift that actually matters?

What about giving the gift of life and supporting a better life for all?

In too many cities across the world, products that are filled with chemicals are flying off the shelves, products made in sweatshops are being sold as gifts, and too many people are ignoring the human and planetary costs of their purchases. Every Holiday season is the perfect opportunity for giving, sharing, and inspiring others to greatness. Something as simple as a clothesline can and has transformed peoples lives in ways that lead to a lifetime of sustainability.

If you're looking for a cleaner and greener way to improve the world around you, look no further than, where we offer a tremendous selection of clotheslines, clothes drying racks, and lots more sustainable laundry solutions. Forget the hassle of hustling and bustling down to the crowded stores, and instead opt to shop in the comfort of your own home. From the bottom of our hearts, a reminder of our love and gratefulness for all the support we continue to receive in our commitment to fulfilling our mission driven purpose.

From our family to yours, we wish you a very healthy and happy GREEN Friday!