Organic Hemp Braided Clothesline Rope

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    • European hemp clothesline rope
    • 100% organically grown & truly pure
    • Safe for all life & Naturally undyed

    Our exclusive Organic Hemp Braided Clothesline Rope is the highest quality clothesline rope on the planet. Available in 50 feet continuous rolls with the complete bundle (pictured) of three rolls offering 164 feet of continuous line which includes 14 extra feet. The diameter is 7/32 in. which is the most popular size clothesline rope. Some may wonder why anyone would buy Organic Clothesline Rope and the reason is because many people wear all organic clothes that they don't want exposed to toxic chemicals often found in non-organic rope. Likewise, those who wear organic clothes don't wash their clothes with toxic laundry detergents, but rather use organic alternatives such as our Soapnuts.


    Always consider the source as most all clothesline rope is made in one of the most toxic environments in the world, China, whereas our Organic Clothesline Rope, is grown and sourced from a pristine environment in Europe. This sweatshop-free clothesline rope combines the strength, handiness, and versatility of hemp for the best possible line drying experience. Hemp works wonders to wick away the moisture from the wet spot under the clothespins ensuring that your laundry stays clean and dries quickly.

    Using only organically grown hemp, we offer the cleanest and most eco-friendly clothesline rope in the world with absolutely no chemicals or heavy metals, even in the production. Unfortunately, chemically ridden and heavy metals covered clothesline rope makes up the entire market of clothesline rope. Even worse, most all clothesline rope is made of genetically engineered cotton (GMO) which is not real cotton. Supporting organic brings about change for a better tomorrow so we can look forward to a cleaner and healthier environment for all life. We are the first and only company to offer a truly pure and naturally undyed clothesline rope.

    ~~~ MADE IN EUROPE ~~~

    Material: 100% Organic hemp

    Diameter: 7/32 in.

    Origin: Europe