• American Handmade Wooden Clothespins - 123
  • American Handmade Wooden Clothespins - 123

American Handmade Wooden Clothespins

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    • 20-Pack of individual clothespins
    • The strongest heavy duty wooden clothespins available
    • Highest quality ash wood with super strong stainless steels springs

    Our American Handmade Wooden Clothespins are handcrafted with a passion for American quality craftsmanship and ingenuity. We are the leading supplier of American made wooden clothespins.

    Guaranteed to Outlast & Outperform Other Wooden Clothespins!

    The wooden clothespins are finished with Linseed oil which helps protect the wood from weathering while bringing out the natural beauty of the wooden grain. Made from Ash wood due to it's high strength and resiliency, ash is low in naturally occurring tannins ensuring our clothespins will not stain your clothes. Each clothespin is equipped with super strong stainless steel springs that are also made in the USA.

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    ~~~ AMERICAN MADE ~~~

    Material: Ash wood - Sustainably harvested | Stainless steel springs

    Length: 3.5 in.

    Width: .42 in.

    Height: .5 in. at closed end | 1 in. at open end

    Max Open: 5/8 in. at widest groove

    Origin: USA

    This product is fully guaranteed and covered by a 1-Year Manufacturers Warranty