Right to Dry

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Right to Dry

The best way to protect and preserve your right-to-dry is to exercise it! Clotheslines are banned in many HOAs, condos, and apartments across the nation. The "Right-to-Dry" movement has pushed eight states to pass laws voiding clothesline bans and making them unenforceable. These states include Florida, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Vermont, Oregon, and California. In addition, a 1979 Oregon Law states that any restrictions on "solar radiation as a source for heating, cooling or electrical energy" are "void and unenforceable." Clotheslines rely on solar energy as part of Oregon's Solar Rights.

The states in green below have laws that void any prohibition on clotheslines even contracts with HOA's, condo's, or apartment communities while the other states listed below protect our Right-to-Dry, they don't override contracts that prohibit clotheslines.

Right-to-Dry States

Do you have the Right-to-Dry in your state?

Florida Colorado Hawaii Maine Maryland
Vermont Oregon California
Indiana Texas
New Mexico
Utah Illinois Massachusetts Wisconsin
Nevada Louisiana Virginia
Arizona North Carolina
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