Shoulder Saver Ventilator Drip Dry Hangers

  • Shoulder Saver Ventilator Drip Dry Hangers - SS4BLK
  • Shows the hanger with Accessory Hook which can be used to store most any item in your suit.
  • Shoulder Saver Ventilator Drip Dry Hangers - SS4BLK
  • Shoulder Saver Ventilator Drip Dry Hangers - SS4BLK
  • LEFT: Standard 4" Hook with 2" Diameter  RIGHT: Extra Long 6" Hook with 2" Diameter
  • Shoulder Saver Ventilator Drip Dry Hangers - SS4BLK
  • Reduces drying time by up to 75%
  • Simple, functional, and easy to use
  • Suits last longer with the best contoured shoulder support





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The Shoulder Saver Ventilator Drip Dry Hangers are one of the best sweater drying hangers and storage hangers for all types of garments. Oversized hook will hang on up to 2 in. thick rods. Travel easy with this hangers detachable hook.

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The 3 in 1 multi-use capabilities include:

Rinsing - 5 inch wide shoulders helps to easily separate garment allowing easy rinsing inside and out. No more getting wet.

Drying - Large 5 inch wide by 23 inch long contoured hollow shell design allows air to circulate throughout garment in-side and out drying garments in 1/2 the time of ordinary hangers. Reduces garment mildew and odors. No more waiting for garments to dry. Huge Shoulder areas allow for Natural Air Convection to Flow throughout suit and wick away moisture inside and out.

Storing and Displaying your garment on the Shoulder Saver drip dry hanger will eliminate stress in the shoulder area allowing garment to hang to its natural shape. Wide molded contoured shoulders distribute weight evenly throughout shoulder allowing garment to lie naturally without pulling or stretching. 120 square inches of support. Store your suit as long as you like with NO harm from pressure points.

No more shoulder peaks, broken hangers or stretched and cracked shoulder areas. No-rust ABS, 302 Stainless Steel and rubber materials provide superior durability in a moist, corrosive environment. The drip dry hanger holds up to 100 lbs. and weighs only 1 lb. One Size Fits All Adults SM - 5XL.

Dry & Store These Garments & More

WETSUIT / DRYSUIT: Scuba Diving, Surfing, Windsurfing, Kayaking, Canoeing, Triathlete, Search & Rescue, Commercial, Military, Coast Guard

PROTECTIVE GEAR: Motorcycle leathers & riding gear, Rain Gear, Foul Weather Gear, Turn-outs, Police Coats, Ballistic Vests, Shooting Coats, Snow Suits, Flak Jackets

COATS / SWEATERS: Leather Coats, Big n Tall, Down Jackets,Sweaters, Overcoats, Costumes, Plus Size, XL and oversized suits

Available in Two Sizes

Standard 4 inch hook works great for wetsuits, jackets, coats and typical wear.

Extra Long 6 inch hook is for Drysuits, hooded wetsuits, hooded coats or when extra room in the neck area is desired.


Material: 120 sq in. of 1/8 in. thick ABS plastic body | 302 1/4-20 threaded end stainless steel hook

Size: One size fits all adults | SM - 5XL

Weight Capacity: 100 lbs.

Hook: Oversized hook will hang on up to 2 in. thick rods

Length: 23 in. (tip to tip)

Width: 5 in.

Weight: 1 lb.

Origin: USA

This product is fully guaranteed and covered by a Limited Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty

Hook sits inside a rubber grommet at top of hanger. This allows top of hook to move side to side and rotate 360 degrees. Hanger is stronger & easier to hang in tough places. 2 inch diameter hook allows hanging on the thickest of rods. You can tighten the Ny-lock nut for desired flex and swivel motion. OR: Tightening nut more will LOCK the hook in place with no movement. Let hook swivel and flex. OR: Tighten nut to lock the hook in place ensuring NO swivel or rotation!

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