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The value of doing household chores such as caring for your laundry is essential in creating an environment that encourages independence and sustainability even as the world keeps on spinning. Sharing household responsibilities among members of your family, both young and old, gives everyone a sense of fulfillment and joy as it contributes to the needs of the whole family.

Whether each family member has a set of assigned chores they do regularly or everyone takes turns accomplishing different chores each month, everyone can learn and draw inspiration from every task no matter how small or repetitive, there's a lesson that we can gleam from doing the most simplest of tasks.

When it comes to doing laundry, kids can learn to sort articles before and after washing, which offers them a great opportunity to organize and match items that are alike and classify them so they can be easily put away. They can sort articles by type, color, or even which family member each piece of clothing belongs to which familiarizes them with their families laundry.

Most often every family member has a set place to organize their dirty laundry such as their own Laundry Hampers or even one large Laundry Sorter that's shared between the whole family so when it comes time to do laundry, it's sorted and ready to toss in the clothes washer, hopefully with our Organic Sustainable Laundry Soapnuts, an all-in-one laundry soap and fabric softener. Each family member will usually have a set place to organize their clean laundry as well after removing it from the clothesline and folding it, some articles will be hung on hangers in the closet so they wont need to be folded, while others will be neatly folded in dressers.

As a never ending chore, keeping up with your families laundry works best when everyone works in harmony to make the chore easier, more enjoyable, and most importantly more fun, especially if your harnessing the power of an outdoor clothesline to get the job done all the while getting your daily dose of exercise and sunshine. It's no fun listening to a powered clothes dryer banging your laundry around along with the negative energy of the artificial heat that can be downright depressing, a laundromat is the perfect example of this. The best way to motivate your family to get chores done is to make them fun and enjoyable as much as possible which helps escape the mundane thoughts a doing chores. After all, your not only doing laundry, your caring for the needs of your family.

Keep in mind, that the way you do chores today influences a tradition of how your family will do chores tomorrow and into the future, as an example, there are many older generations, even in their 90's, that insist on walking to the clothesline to hang all their laundry and retrieving it when it is done drying, as it's a great way for them to exercise and reflect. My grandmother, at 82 years young, still loves to work and hang her laundry on the clothesline as it's what keeps her going, staying busy, always having something to do. While household chores aren't the reason for our existence, they certainly keep us moving forward with a routine of action that teaches us a lot of life lessons and efficiencies.