Universal Clothesline Ground Socket

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    • Holds most umbrella clotheslines
    • Adjustable rings make the perfect fit
    • Embeds perfectly flush with the ground

    This handy Universal Ground Socket will hold most any umbrella clotheslines. The adjustable rings allow the diameter to fit perfectly with 5 different size poles. Choose from 1.25 - 2.2 inches in diameter. Good for just about any rotary umbrella clothesline offering great stability as it goes 16 inches into the ground. The bottom half can even be removed if your in rocky soil conditions so you could just set the top half in concrete.

    To make things easier, each ground socket includes an a specially designed aluminum handle with turning socket to easily embed the ground socket into the ground and just as easily remove it again, if need be. Because of a special screw mechanism, this ground socket gets completely embedded in the ground and will not stick out. It sits perfectly flush with the ground allowing for the lawn to mowed without obstruction, lawn mower safe.

    Made from industrial strength materials that make it possible to turn the ground socket deep into heavy soils, especially great for beach sand.

    Material: High impact plastic

    Diameter: Adjustable from 1.25-2.2 in.

    Brand: Juwel

    Origin: Austria

    This product is fully guaranteed and covered by a 1-Year Manufacturers Warranty