Clothesline Ground Sockets

  • Clothesline Ground Sockets - 650
  • Clothesline Ground Sockets - 650
  • Clothesline Ground Sockets - 650
  • Designed for use with Stewi clotheslines
  • Solid anchoring with or without cement
  • Completely corrosion resistant



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The Clothesline Ground Sockets for soil or cement installations are specifically designed to anchor the following clotheslines:

These clotheslines include a cement socket for anchoring into the concrete. The soil socket is for those who prefer to anchor their clothesline in the soil and is not included with the clotheslines.

The clothesline ground sockets are available for those looking for a replacement in case you have decided to relocate your clothesline. Another popular option is to purchase an extra socket to have more than one desired drying area depending on the time of day.

~~~ SWISS MADE ~~~

Brand: Stewi

Origin: Switzerland

Cement Socket
Material: Aluminum

Length: 10.5 in.

Width: 3.063 in. with lid

Tube Width: 2.125 in.

Diameter: 2.25 in. (of opening)

Soil Socket
Material: Galvanized steel

Width: 2.17 in.

Height: 11 in.

Weight: 7 lbs.

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