Amish Wooden RV Travel Clothesline

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    The Amish Wooden RV Travel Clothesline is the same as the Amish Wall-Mounted Wooden Drying Rack, but it has an extra bracket on the backside so it can be mounted to the ladder of a camper or RV.

    ~~~ AMERICAN MADE ~~~

    Material: Soft maple wood

    Capacity: 17.5 ft. of drying space

    Lines: 8

    Line Length: 20.5 in.

    Width: 54-1/2 in. Open | 6 in. Closed

    Height: 22 in. Open | 31-1/4 in. Closed

    Brand: Amish

    Origin: USA

    This product is fully guaranteed and covered by a 1-Year Manufacturers Warranty