• Extend-A-Line RV Travel Clotheslines - CL-12
  • Extend-A-Line RV Travel Clotheslines - CL-12
  • Extend-A-Line RV Travel Clotheslines - CL-12
  • Extend-A-Line RV Travel Clotheslines - CL-12
  • Extend-A-Line RV Travel Clotheslines - CL-12

Extend-A-Line RV Travel Clotheslines

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    • Provides 6, 13.5, or 18 feet of drying space
    • Six independent chrome plated lines resist rust
    • Wall mounted bracket included for home use or RV's without ladders

    The Extend-A-Line RV Travel Clotheslines are designed to be mounted to 1" or 1 ½" exterior ladders with 9 5/8" - 10 1/8" spacing between upright tubing. This travel clothesline also includes a wall mounted bracket for home use or RVs without ladders.

    • Six independent lines can carry towels, suits, or clothes on hangers
    • Supports 10 lbs per arm, 60 lbs maximum load when evenly spaced
    • 12" usable arms (Small)
    • 27" usable arms (Medium)
    • 39" usable arms (Large)
    • Chrome plated lines and a high impact plastic body resist rust

    ~~~ AMERICAN MADE ~~~

    Material: Chrome plated aluminum arms | High impact plastic body

    Lines: 6

    Max Load: 60 lbs. | 10 lbs. per line

    Origin: USA

    SMALL | 12 in. lines
    Capacity: 6 ft. of drying space

    Length: 12 in.

    MEDIUM | 27 in. lines
    Capacity: 13.5 ft. of drying space

    Length: 27 in.

    LARGE | 39 in. lines
    Capacity: 18 ft. of drying space

    Length: 39 in.

    • (1) plastic clothesline housing assembly with (6) chrome arms
    • (1) aluminum mounting bracket (designed for alternate mounting method).
    • Detailed Instructions with fully exploded parts diagram.
    • Large bag with twist fastener provided for storage when not in use/not mounted to your unit.

    This product is fully guaranteed and covered by a 1-Year Manufacturers Warranty

    Please read all directions prior to installation. The Extend-A-Line clothesline is designed to support 10 lbs per arm, 60 lbs maximum load when evenly spaced. Clothesline must be removed prior to travel, or if you are climbing up/down your ladder, as the housing will not withstand the pressure of being climbed on. Fold arms into the storage position and secure with hook and loop straps prior to installation/removal and when not in use. The Extend-A-Line is designed to be mounted to 1” or 1 1⁄2” exterior ladders with 9 5/8” - 10 1/8” spacing between upright tubing (variable based on ladder tubing diameter). Prior to installation of your clothesline, inspect arm bases to ensure they are securely contained in the receiving holes of the housing. Please take into consideration inclement weather conditions and remove/store to increase the life of your product. Make sure to fasten items appropriately to clothesline to prevent loss of clothing.

    Ladder mounting method:

    • Ensure there is ample clearance behind your unit’s ladder to allow the arms to swivel 180° without interference.
    • Identify a comfortable working height, where you can hang items without them touching the ground.
    • Make sure the adjustment knob is loosened and the clamshell grip is fully open.
    • With your clothesline in the storage position, place the non-clamshell side of the housing around your ladder tubing and rotate it flush against both ladder tubes. Bottom of housing should be resting on a ladder tread.
    • Tighten adjustment knob until clamshell is tight around the ladder tubing.
    • Unfasten your clothesline arms and spread to appropriate positions.

    Aluminum bracket mounting method:

    • Remove aluminum mounting bracket from the sleeve on the back of the Extend-A-Line housing.
    • Identify your mounting surface, being sure to locate structural backing to screw into. Wood or square tube framing is recommended.
    • If there is no structural backing, it is recommended you through bolt with appropriate bolts, washers and nuts (not provided). Do not mount with wall anchors, refer to your camper’s manufacturer if you question your backing.
    • Align your mounting bracket horizontally on your mounting surface. If the holes pre-drilled in your mounting plate (designed for use with the bumper mount kit) do not line up with your structural backing, you will need to drill additional holes in your mounting plate.
    • Mark center lines of holes you have identified as appropriate for mounting, then set your bracket aside.
    • Drill pilot holes in your mounting surface, into the structural backing.
    • Apply a small amount of caulk to the pilot holes to prevent moisture from seeping into your unit/wall.
    • Before the caulk dries, align your bracket with the appropriate mounting holes and attach the bracket to your mounting surface with appropriate fasteners (determined based on actual mounting location).
    • With your clothesline in the storage position, slide it onto the aluminum mounting bracket.
    • Once your clothesline is securely in place, unfasten your clothesline arms and spread to appropriate positions.

    * Additional mounting brackets may be purchased by contacting us. Reference part #5806-CL.
    ** Alternate mounting locations: laundry areas, pool/hot tub areas, basements, garages, etc.