Ceiling Mounted Drying Rack

  • Ceiling Mounted Drying Rack - 11
  • Ceiling Mounted Drying Rack - 11
  • Ceiling Mounted Drying Rack - 11
  • Provides nearly 5 feet of drying space
  • Perfect for hanging clothes out of the way
  • Easy to install with simple instructions

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The Ceiling Mounted Drying Rack is a great laundry accessory to hang shirts and garments straight from the wash onto a clothes hanger. This method often saves on ironing after the washing has dried. This pulley operated airer takes advantage of convection to dry washing because, as the warmer air rises, it collect moisture as the air filters through the washing and then sinks as the air cools. This continuous motion of air presents a very natural and efficient way to dry laundry.

The ceiling mounted clothes hanger rail is pulley operated and can be easily installed by fixing a couple of eye-bolts into the rafters or beams, and a tie-off cleat at a convenient place on the wall. The clothes hanger rack can be raised and lowered by a simple pulley mechanism, and be tied off at the cleat at a convenient height for loading and drying. The nearly 5 feet of drying space allows a large capacity of clothes hangers.

The Max Ceiling Height Allowance is 10.5 feet high. If the optional extra pulley is used, then this Max Height would lower in proportion to the distance that the extra pulley is installed away from the first pulley holding the frame. This ceiling mounted clothes hanger rail can also be used as extra wardrobe space. The rail is made of lightweight aluminum and has an attractive anodized finish.


Material: Aluminum

Finish: Anodized

Capacity: 4.9 ft. of drying space

Length: 0.78 in.

Width: 59.05 in.

Height: 0.78 in.

Weight: 1.1 lb.

Max Load: 33 lbs.

Brand: Clotheslines.com

Origin: Australia

This product is fully guaranteed and covered by a 2-Year Manufacturers Warranty

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