Lift Ceiling Clothes Airer

  • Lift Ceiling Clothes Airer - 272
  • Lift Ceiling Clothes Airer - 272
  • Lift Ceiling Clothes Airer - 272
  • Lift Ceiling Clothes Airer - 272
  • Provides 59 feet of drying space
  • Raise and lower for open access
  • Customize the size at will


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The Lift Ceiling Clothes Airer is an indoor ceiling mounted drying rack that lowers from your ceiling just like a venetian blind.

Pull and load, then pull and tuck away!

Simply pull the cord to lower the unit and load up your laundry and then pull the cord again to tuck it all neatly away. Made from aluminum.

Customize the Size

You can customize the size of this unit: When installing, choose from two lengths --- 4.2 feet or 6 feet.

~~~ SWISS MADE ~~~

Material: Aluminum | Extra-strong plastic-coated polyester washing lines

Capacity: 59 ft. of drying space

Length: 4.2 ft. OR 6 ft. (Adjustable)

Width: 2.3 ft.

Ceiling Clearance: lowers down 3.6 ft.

Weight: 3.75 lbs.

Brand: Stewi

Origin: Switzerland

This product is fully guaranteed and covered by a 5-Year Manufacturers Warranty

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