Chrome Victorian Ceiling Clothes Airer

  • Chrome Victorian Ceiling Clothes Airer - A2055
  • Chrome Victorian Ceiling Clothes Airer - A2055
  • Chrome Victorian Ceiling Clothes Airer - A2055
  • Chrome Victorian Ceiling Clothes Airer - A2055
  • Chrome Victorian Ceiling Clothes Airer - A2055
  • Raise & lower for open access
  • Efficiently uses ceiling heat
  • Quality components & craftsmanship






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 4 Feet 


 5 Feet 


 6 Feet 


 7 Feet 


 8 Feet 


 49 Feet (higher ceilings) 


 Extra Double Pulley 


 10 Small Hooks 


 10 Large Hooks 


 10 Small & 10 Large 

Why a victorian clothes airer?

Our Chrome Victorian Kitchen Maid Clothes airers are exclusive. We discovered this beautiful airer end in a remote Scottish foundry and have lovingly had it re-created.

Gorgeous CHROME…

Because we make our clothes airers ourselves we only use the highest standards. Our Chrome airers are made from Solid Brass and Chrome Plated to give a superior, gorgeous, highly polished finish.

EASY to Fit…

Our Chrome Victorian Kitchen Maid® Pulley clothes airer can be installed in almost any ceiling space including sloping ceilings and staircases. Our Kitchen Maid® Pulley clothes airers are really easy to fit, each clothes airer comes with easy to follow installation instructions.

SAVE on Spiralling fuel costs and HELP the Environment
Our Chrome Victorian Kitchen Maid® Pulley clothes airer can help you negate the rising cost of your energy bills. Hoisted up to the ceiling it dries up to 30kg of washing by using the naturally warm rising air which becomes trapped in the ceiling space of your home.

By using a Kitchen Maid® Pulley clothes airer instead of a tumble dryer you could save yourself more then the cost of a clothes airer in a year. Not only can you save yourself a considerable amount of money you can also help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. Your tumble dryer contributes to 0.15 Tons of carbon emissions a year!

We CARE for our environment

The only supplier of clothes airers with an FSC certification. This means you can buy a clothes airer with complete confidence that all our specially prepared kiln dried redwood lathes come from renewable, sustainable sources. All the boxes we use in our packaging come from 50% recycled cardboard.

Professionally HAND CRAFTED

Handcrafted lathes are professionally finished and come with a 5 year quality guarantee assuring you they will not have any rough edges that can lead to snagging of clothes or splintering

Strong Organic ROPE…

High quality organic cotton lined, lifelong nylon rope which is much more durable than traditional jute rope. In fact it is so strong that it is used on boats and yachts. This means that even if you load your clothes airer up to the maximum weight you can have complete confidence that the rope will not break. We also give you the option of 15 meter rope if you have a high or sloping ceiling and need extra length.

Lines: 4

Width: 14.96 in.

Ceiling Clearance: 9.4 in. (when fully hoisted from the ceiling to the bottom of the airer)

Origin: United Kingdom

2) Solid Brass Chrome Plated Victorian shaped airer ends

1) solid brass chrome plated single pulley with a solid brass chrome plated wheel

1) solid brass chrome plated double pulley with solid brass chrome plated wheels

1) solid brass chrome plated cleat hook with chrome screws

1) 32.8 ft. or 49.2 ft. quality natural organic cotton lined nylon rope

4) sustainable wooden slats in required length

Full installation instructions

This product is fully guaranteed and covered by a 5-Year Replacement Guarantee

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