Clothes Airer Hand Winch

  • Clothes Airer Hand Winch - A2366
  • Clothes Airer Hand Winch - A2366
  • Exclusively designed for Cast in Style Clothes Airers
  • Automatically locks and holds in any position
  • Complete with all necessary fixings


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The Clothes Airer Hand Winch is exclusive to Cast in Style. Cast from solid cast iron, we have brought this original "Lawson" winch back to life from the original design made 120 years ago. The hand winch makes easy, light work of raising and lowering any of the Cast in Style Clothes Airers. It simply bolts to your wall and directly replaces the cleat you would normally use.

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The winch is designed to automatically lock and hold the airer in place so all you need to do is turn the handle to raise and lower your airer and the winch will hold it in any position you wind it to. We have made it in an original "rustic" style and it encompasses a sold cast iron gear system with a mahogany back board. Comes complete with wall screws, rawl plugs and fitting instructions.

~~~ MADE IN UK ~~~

Material: Cast iron winch | Mahogany backboard

Color: Rustic black

Diameter: 8 in.

Weight: 12.1 lbs.

Lifting Capacity: 33 lbs.

Brand: Cast in Style

Origin: United Kingdom

This product is fully guaranteed and covered by a 5-Year Replacement Guarantee

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