Rotary Umbrella Clothesline Cover

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    • Protects against elements - indoors & outdoors
    • Thick weather-resistant woven polyester cover
    • Easy to flip into place on the clothesline

    The Rotary Umbrella Clothesline Cover covers and protects against rain and dust when the clothesline is in the folded position. It's stylish unobtrusive design make it easy to flip into place on the clothesline. The ultimate protection for keeping your clothesline neat and clean from harsh elements with it's water-resistant woven fabric cover. This clothesline cover can be used outdoors and indoors and works extremely well. This clothesline cover is optional with the Stewi Rotary Umbrella Clotheslines.

    ~~~ SWISS MADE ~~~

    Material: Airtex - thick weather-resistant woven polyester

    Brand: Stewi

    Origin: Switzerland

    This product is fully guaranteed and includes a 1-Year Manufacturers Warranty