Lift-O-Matic Rotary Outdoor Umbrella Clothesline

  • Provides 164 or 197 feet of drying space
  • Easily adjusts to your ideal height
  • Ready for use - Easy to install

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Get around with the 'Lift-O-Matic' rotary clothes dryer...Tired of carrying your heavy washing basket around the clothesline? This rotary clothes dryer comes with smoothly turning arms, allowing you to work at leisure. Use the special 'Lift-O-Matic'-system to adjust the dryer to your ideal working height, put your wet wash in place and let the wind do the rest!

  • Weather corrosion resistant - sturdy anodized aluminum main pole and 4 robust coated steel arms each fitted with special holes for clothes hangers which come in handy for drying delicate laundry
  • No need to carry laundry basket around. The arms rotate smoothly even when fully loaded with wet washing helping dry your clothes quicker with the power of the wind.
  • Work at leisure - the clothesline is vertically adjustable to suit your ideal working height. Adjusts from 4-6 Feet.
  • Always taut extra strong clotheslines and non-skid profile. Well constructed rounded feed through of lines provide long lasting quality lines
  • Ideal for airing cushions and bedding in the lowest position
  • No need for concrete with a steel ground socket that provides stable anchoring in soil. When clothesline is removed, the socket includes a cap that prevents dirt and water while allowing unobstructed mowing. Cap includes a useful lifting mechanism. Consider using an extra soil spear so you can always position your clothesline in the best area for drying at any given time
  • Complete with hanging loop for easy storage (pictured above) and the larger drying space option includes a weather resistant protective cover to keep clean clothesline when not in use

Material: Pole - polished aluminum | Arms - steel

Pole Diameter: 1.8 in.

Origin: designed in Europe | made in China

Option #1
Capacity: 164 ft. drying space

Lines: 9

Weight: 13.4 lbs.

Height: 79.9 in.

Width: 80.3 in.

Depth: 80.3 in.

Option #2
Capacity: 196.8 ft. drying space

Lines: 11

Span Width: 9.5 ft.

Weight: 14 lbs.

Height: 78.7 in.

Width: 81.1 in.

Depth: 81.1 in.

This product is fully guaranteed and covered by a 5-Year Manufacturers Warranty

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