Deluxe Rotary Outdoor Umbrella Clothesline

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    • Provides over 196 feet of drying space
    • Adjustable height
    • Conveniently opens with pull-line

    The Deluxe Rotary Outdoor Umbrella Clothesline touches on a classical Swiss style that has been proven time and again. Made with a rigid aluminum structure that also features an aluminum center star part. The simple nature of it's opening pull-line positioned at hand height makes it both practical and convenient. The flexibility compounds with the adjustable height to accommodate the whole family and avoid bending. The extra-strong clothesline cord is made of plastic-coated polyester.

    ~~~ SWISS MADE ~~~

    Material: Aluminum | Extra-strong lines made from plastic coated polyester

    Color: Aluminum with yellow center post

    Capacity: 196.8 ft. of drying space

    Lines: 11

    Span Width: 7.38 ft.

    Diameter: 10.75 ft.

    Line Diameter: 1/8 in.

    Height: 10.76 ft. | Adjustable height from 5 ft., 5-1/2 ft., or 6 ft.

    Post Diameter: 2.165 in.

    Weight: 12.3 lbs.

    Brand: Stewi

    Origin: Switzerland

    • Deluxe Rotary Outdoor Umbrella Clothesline
    • Aluminum ground socket for embedding in concrete
    • Full product manual with installation instructions

    This product is fully guaranteed and covered by a 5-Year Manufacturers Warranty