Mini Winch Clothesline Tightener

  • Perfect tightener for keeping clotheslines taut
  • Works well with all sizes of wash loads
  • Lifetime Guaranteed - Made to Last!


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The Mini Winch Clothesline Tightener is the perfect tool for tightening your clothesline wire. Handmade from the highest quality aluminum. This clothesline tightener works well with all size wash loads as a clothesline wire tensioner. A wrench is needed to tighten the line and adjust the line tension as needed. The cheap Chinese ones have a hand lever, but those tighteners don't work and they definitely wont carry a Lifetime Guarantee.

We include this clothesline tightener with our Medium and Large Pulley Clothesline Kits.


Material: Aluminum

Origin: USA

Lifetime Guarantee

If your tightener fails to function as intended, please return it to us, and we will send you a replacement and cover all shipping costs.

  • Insert one end of wire through the guide hole and extend 1 in. through the center axle.
  • Insert the other end of wire through the opposite guide hole and extend 1 in. through the center axle.
  • Turn handle to tighten
  • Do not force with pliers or other tools Clothesline Joiner Tighteners

Price: $4.99 Pulley Clothesline Kits

Price: $199.99-$499.99 Clothesline Wire

Price: $20.00

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