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Portable Clothes Washer

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    • The best portable clothes washer in the world! American Made!
    • Patented "Power Flow Technology" drives water through fabric with amazing cleaning action
    • Great for RV's, Apartments, & washing cloth diapers, keeping them out of your washing machine

    The Portable Clothes Washer is the best portable clothes washer in the world! It's hand-powered, non-electric, & easy to use. It can be used in a bathtub, shower, with a kitchen sink or anywhere convenient to drain water. The portable clothes washer is gentle on delicates & tough on dirt. Great for RV living, apartment dwellers, cloth diapers & more.

    Press PLAY button in pictures to see washer in action

    Patented “power flow technology” is totally unique because it drives water through fabric with amazing cleaning action. Only minimal arm strength is needed because gravity does the work on the down-stroke and buoyancy makes the up-stroke easy. See 3rd picture above.

    Amazing Portable Clothes Washer - Get the power of a High Efficiency Washer in your hands. Dual action cleaning with pushing and pulling action of the water through clothes - GETS CLOTHES CLEAN FASTER!!!

    • Lightweight and made from durable plastics
    • Powerful cleaning action - pushes AND pulls water through the clothing - will actually pull out residual detergent left by electric washers!
    • Gentle on fabric, controlled agitation and easy to use
    • Perfect "GREEN" product with less water, detergent and no electricity used.

    Great uses for the Portable Clothes Washer:
    EMERGENCIES: Natural disasters that knock out electricity - continue to stay fresh and clean

    EQUIPMENT FAILURE: Washing Machines fails or costly to repair - use this fast, efficient and cost effective alternative.

    CAMPING/BACKPACKING: Pack light and don't worry about smoky, fishy or dirty clothes - wash them on the spot.

    HUMANITARIAN EFFORTS: Great for church groups that provide missionary or humanitarian services around the world where water/electricity may be in limited supply. Makes a great hygiene product in countries where traditional washboards or stones are used to clean - simplify their life through humanitarian gifts.

    R.V. USERS:: Skip the hassles of laundromats and stay someplace scenic (and off the beaten path?). This washes efficiently with minimal amounts of water. Your clothes remain fresh and clean, and you can enjoy that special spot you found just a little longer.

    LAUNDROMAT USERS: Forget about dragging your laundry all over the place, waiting in line for machines and for your clothes to wash. Wash in the privacy and comfort of your own place and save your coins for a better purpose. The perfect companion for vacation homes without a washer. Don't spoil the fun sitting in a laundromat!

    GREEN ENTHUSIASTS: Super way to save resources with water and electricity, but also saves money by saving the resources.

    DELICATES / HARD TO CLEAN ITEMS: Gently cleans hand washed items. The unique pulling action lifts dirt. Perfect for washing cloth diapers so you don't have to wash them in your washing machine, eek.

    ~~~ AMERICAN MADE ~~~

    Material: High impact plastic

    Capacity: Bucket holds 10 gallons of water | Basket holds 5 gallons of laundry

    Height: 31 in.

    Width: 19 in.

    Weight: 10 lbs.

    Origin: USA

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    This product is fully guaranteed and covered by a 1-Year Manufacturers Warranty