Traditional Ceiling Clothes Airer

  • Traditional Ceiling Clothes Airer - A285
  • Traditional Ceiling Clothes Airer - A285
  • Traditional Ceiling Clothes Airer - A285
  • Raise & lower for open access
  • Efficiently uses ceiling heat
  • Quality components & craftsmanship







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 4 Feet 


 5 Feet 


 6 Feet 


 7 Feet 


 8 Feet 


 49 Feet (higher ceilings) 


 Extra Double Pulley 


 10 Small Hooks 


 10 Large Hooks 


 10 Small & 10 Large 


The Traditional Ceiling Clothes Airer has the flattest footprint, which is perfect for smaller or tight spaces, especially where you have a low ceiling height.

  • Hoisted Up To The Ceiling Dries Using Warm Rising Air.
  • Pulleys Are Designed For Strength And Durability.
  • Components Are Powder Coated & Tough As Enamel.
  • High Quality Airer Looks Fantastic.

Easy Breezy Install

This pulley clothes dryer can be installed in almost any ceiling space including sloping ceilings and staircases. It is really easy to fit and comes with easy-to-follow installation instructions. The components of the airier are hand-cast and powder-coated which is as tough as enamel. The coating not only looks great but is guaranteed not to rust.

The unique pulleys are specifically designed for strength and durability. Lower quality imitations often snap during installation. These pulleys conform to NICEIC building regulation guidelines and have longer screw rods to clear ceiling insulation commonly found in new homes. Plus they have detachable screw threads so your airer can be easily relocated into a new position.

Eco-Friendly & Affordable

SAVE on skyrocketing fuel costs and help our environment with this classy ceiling airer. Hoisted up to the ceiling, it dries your laundry by using the naturally warm rising air in your homes ceiling space. By using a clothes airer instead of a tumble dryer you can save more then the cost of this airer in less then a year. And you help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

~~~ MADE IN UK ~~~

Lines: 4

Length: Optional

Width: 14.2 in. (of the cast iron ends)

Ceiling Clearance: 8.7 in. (when fully hoisted from the ceiling to the bottom of the airer)

Brand: Cast in Style

Origin: United Kingdom

  • (2) traditional cast iron airer ends in your chosen color
  • (1) solid cast iron single pulley with deluxe cast iron wheels in your chosen color
  • (1) solid cast iron double pulley with deluxe cast iron wheels in your chosen color
  • (1) cleat hook in your chosen color
  • (1) 32.8 ft. or 49.2 ft. quality natural organic cotton lined nylon rope
  • (4) sustainable wooden slats in required length
  • Full installation instructions

This product is fully guaranteed and covered by a 5-Year Replacement Guarantee

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