Granny's Handmade Recycled Clothespin Bags

  • Granny's Handmade Recycled Clothespin Bags - 12345
  • Granny's Handmade Recycled Clothespin Bags - 12345
  • Granny's Handmade Recycled Clothespin Bags - 12345
  • Granny's Handmade Recycled Clothespin Bags - 12345
  • Family size - Holds over 200 clothespins
  • Sturdy clothesline wire hanger slides easily
  • Top of the line handmade & recycled clothespin bags



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Our Granny's Handmade Recycled Clothespin Bags hold over 200 clothespins and stay open for easy access to clothespins. The sturdy heavy gauge clothesline wire hanger slides along easily as you hang dry. Each and every clothespin bag is treadle sewn and features a tough and heavy denim exterior and then lined with country calico or gingham fabric, and finally padded with jersey. The seams are triple-stitched and reinforced along the top, where most bags tear, and then fashioned with three layers of thick fabric with an extra fourth layer of denim around the opening.

Since our clothespin bags are made using pre-washed and line-dried recycled fabrics, no two clothespin bags will be exactly identical, which is why we offer two color color options to choose from including: Masculine or Feminine. If you would like a certain color, simply specify this in the comments at checkout and we will do our absolute best to oblige. It may be your first time on a blind date with a clothespin bag, but we're confident that you will fall in love at first sight!

There's also a handy front pocket to hold your cellphone, stray buttons, loose change, or super-fast access to several clothespins. Some of the clothespin bags will also feature belt loops which can help extend the life of your clothespin bag and adds a nice touch on a beautiful design.


Material: Recycled, pre-washed, & line-dried fabrics

Capacity: Holds over 200 clothespins

Height: 13 in.

Diameter: 6 in.

Origin: USA American Handmade Wooden Clothespins

Price: $50.00 Grandma's Recycled Plastic Clothespins

Price: $19.99

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