Heavy Duty Handmade Clothespin Bags

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    • Family size - Holds 200 clothespins
    • Top of the line handmade clothespin bags
    • Guaranteed to Last 10 Years

    Our Heavy Duty Handmade Clothespin Bags can hold up to 200 clothespins and are made from weather resistant, UV stabilized premium quality, durable outdoor mesh material that is made to withstand harsh elements providing maximum protection for your clothespins while keeping them nice and tidy. We guarantee that these heavy duty clothespin bags wont deteriorate, rot, rust, fade, or blow off the line and they are designed to be left outside on the clothesline even in inclement weather as water drains freely through the clothespin bags. The handmade clothespin bags are available with a Short Handle for use with our Laundry Carts, Clothes Drying Racks, or low clotheslines or a Long Handle which is best suited for most clotheslines as the clothespin bag sits at shoulder height so the Long Handle is the most popular size.


    Material: Durable outdoor woven mesh material

    Capacity: Holds 200 clothespins

    Bag Height: 7.87 in.

    Handle Height: Short Handle: 9 in. | Long Handle: 16.9 in.

    Diameter: 7 in.

    Origin: Australia

    This product is fully guaranteed to last 10 years!