Clothesline Spreaders

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    • Heavy duty clothesline spreaders for large loads
    • Smooth gliding wheel for easy retrieval
    • Designed for use with our clothesline pulleys

    Our heavy duty Clothesline Spreaders are designed for use with our clothesline pulleys. The 9-1/2 inch size works best with our 8-inch Clothesline Pulleys. The 13-inch size works best with our 12-inch Clothesline Pulleys. The 17-inch size works best with our 16-inch Clothesline Pulleys.

    If your using different size pulleys, you'll need to choose the spreaders that work with each size pulley. For example, our medium Pulley Clothesline Kits include one 8-inch pulley and one 12-inch pulley so we include one 9-1/2 inch spreader and one 13-inch spreader. The 13-inch spreader will be the first one released on the line as it needs to be closest to the 12-inch pulley on the opposing end. Each spreader has a smooth gliding wheel for easy breezy retrieval and works very well for large loads of laundry.

    The clothesline spreader works by holding the 2 lines together allowing the upper line to help support the weight on the lower line. The clothesline spreader is placed on the clothesline after 1⁄2 the wash is hung, as pictured above. At times, more than one clothesline spreader may be necessary depending on the length of the line or the weight of the laundry on the line. If you plan to use much more than 50 feet of drying space, you'll want to consider a second clothesline spreader.

    We recommend releasing the clothesline spreaders where your bottom line seems to sag the most which is best leveraged to meet the demands of your situation. In using the clothesline, you'll most likely get a good feel on when to release each clothesline spreader.

    Material: Zinc

    Origin: USA

    This product is fully guaranteed and covered by a 1-Year Manufacturers Warranty